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If you will this method, I believe you play post bar will be very! Now posted soft text is harmonious, the basic is the second delete, released by the second delete! Change or change the IP is the same is the same as the use of the VPS manual hair is the same, Baidu search bar does not remove technology, the basic is the old thing ( Besides, post-posting technology update is faster than changing clothes, basic are outdated methods many people will tell you not to send ads or ads do not, very obvious.

Or is the second floor reply or QQ or link, but you see people in the Post bar posted soft text and advertising so obvious! As if Baidu Bar is their home open the same! Want how to advertise, on what kind of wayward, not actually. Really good play, are soft text advertising bombing everywhere! Now whether we are going into all the slimming bar, all the beauty. The first to see is someone else's advertising posts, see here you have envy envy

Why don't you, why not you!. or the tutorial you purchased is completely or never learned. Can't do it! method is not not, but you completely do not know, you buy the tutorial is wrong. Cause you also can't go to operate!

Now I see a lot of people talking about exploding technology! In fact, it is not so the same thing, they know is the constant hand-changing IP, manual change, and finally not they play bar, but stick to play them! The real play is to appear a bar inside the most at least you have a few soft text ads, 24 hours a day on the top of the page! In fact, such a method is very simple to say. But the operation will be problematic. Because no one told. It's just that you want to be self-taught. It's horrible! I found that the people who do the internet are basically such a mentality, the same as the cow people. Basic all to a self-study, see this method is good. Under self-study, see that method is good. and self-taught, every day is constantly looking for ways, but no way to find out in the hands of the lost! Right here, of course, to share this method! It must be for everyone to see the effect.

See below. The effect of the operation, now basically each and weight loss related to the bar is already I occupy!!!!

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Paste the flow is currently the country's largest forum platform, how many people through the bar to rich!!! Here is a sophomore students (play bar one months to get out of 7,000 yuan) and just hand-posted only.

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so play post bar most need is not you have a high-grade number, or is the number of privileged, these are in the nonsense, need is a reply tool, this tool will give you a reply to the top 24 hours! Since there is a reply tool, then need a posting tool, and these tools, the market is free to use freely. Baidu can download to! But how to use, basically no one will teach for free!!! Moreover, even if all the methods to share, but also basic play does not turn, because I said paste Post does not delete technology like changing clothes, at any time will change, like you now Baidu search "micro-business Fast powder" You can see there is my Sina blog exists, such methods although the market everywhere, but the details of the basic few people tell you, We all know death in detail, because a lot of details if no one guide, but also blind toss. So how to do 24-hour unlimited delivery of ads of course, you can do the thousand stickers! The first need to prepare a post tool, such a tool Baidu search, and then prepare a batch number, get a auto-change IP tool, and then put on the VPS above can automatically run their own to prepare some pictures and some soft text title can be! Operation of this, there are 2 deadly set points, if not set up is white blind. The setting of the fatal point plus yuguo256 to! In fact, every play has his own unique skills! said so much we look at the friends who have made the effect!!!

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Of course! I know I said here, in fact, a lot of people have been completely to operate, because people understand the direct is to open the dry, in fact, the game is very simple! Put on the market post tools plus or the market of the replies tool can now be on the market many tools, Baidu Search can be downloaded to it

Of course, here, a lot of people will say you are bragging, the day hair thousand posts how possible, in fact, is very simple, the VPS volume amplification can I want to say a real cow, not too many cows, but he put an effective method than others magnified more than 10 times times even on a hundredfold just like a lot of people say marketing QQ outdated, But they do not know that Daniel has hundreds of of the hands of the play! Here's the effect of my VPS!

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Of course if you want to communicate with me or direct access to the method can be directly added qq:461454311 or: yuguo256

Post 24 hours Unlimited advertising does not remove the technology exposure

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