Post: Hope Wu fan can create a big talk age-book reviews for readers in "big talk Data Structure"

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Author: meat Xiaoqiang

One day two years ago, when I was still in college, I strolled around in a small bookstore in the school and found the big talk design model. I was immediately attracted to the design. Program The Design book can also be so interesting, so I remember the name of the interesting and easy-to-understand author, Cheng Jie.
Later, on the blog of Wu fan's eldest brother, he finally asked for a new book. When he was talking about the big data structure, what was his expectation, having thought of the painful past when I had learned the data structure of teacher Yan Weimin, I had never understood why I had to use those pseudo codes instead of the source code in the book after I learned C, I want to see the legendary Bible later 《 Algorithm Introduction I read it many times and put it down many times. I admit that I am not a particularly sunk person, so the books of the big part seem very worried, from the blog example, I also thought that this book was available on Amazon in May. By the day of May, I was ready to buy it and suddenly found that programming was available in May, in July 4, it was shown that there was a commodity in July 30, and my heart was so entangled that Wu fan did not do it in blizzard. In July 8, I suddenly found Amazon was so excited, I immediately ordered to buy one.
Amazon also disappointed me with the delivery of books. I sent a mail to the company early in the morning and paid for the book.
Compared with the design model, it is quite difficult for Dongdong, which is extremely abstract in data structure, to give a big talk. It is estimated that Wu fan also felt this point, this book does not adopt the conversation mode of the big talk design mode. It adopts the teaching mode to structure big talk data. The content is as vivid as ever. But after reading the two chapters, I still feel the deepest feelings, it should be because of his previous career as a teacher. Wu fan's eldest brother can describe the algorithm in an easy-to-understand way and easily remember this description, for example, when describing the ADT, I gave the example of Mario, who used the steps, jumps, and bullets to tell readers the relationship between element objects and element operations, this even childhood Classic is also very likely to cause occasional nostalgia and resonance. When describing chained storage, I gave an example of hospital rankings, "As long as you pay attention to whether the previous number has been called or called, the next round will arrive." This is just a little bit of detail in your life. It is also the first time you can use this to describe the data structure, these small examples show that Wu fan's brother is very careful. In life, this is a kind of learning.
I have read more than two chapters, but I still want to continue. I think it is really different when I read and take Reading Notes. In my personal sense, as mentioned in the book, this book is very suitable for students and non-students who are new to data structures, big talk data structure as a warm-up is also a very good choice.
In the end, I hope that Wu fan will continue to write his own big talk series and write an IT getting started book for Chinese readers.

The reader of this Douban is very good at writing. He has not only written a book, but also mentioned the characteristics of this book through examples in the book. In the face of such praise, Wu fan is also somewhat floating up, calm and calm, and everything will start again!

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