[Post] how to use Google to find professional literature (Lecture 11)

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[Post] how to use Google to find professional literature (Lecture 11)

I checked a Chinese meeting article online and found a wonderful article by chance. I haven't found it on the search site yet. I will share it here.

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How to find professional document http://www.cem.org.cn/bbs/read.php through Google? Forumid = 27 & topicid = 0 & page = END # forum_end

Author: Daniel (Administrator of China Emergency Department network)

Lecture 1
Read firstGoogleFrom entry-level to master-level articles.
We understand the regular search method, but everyone will search for different results. Why? The core issue is that different keywords are selected. The key analysis must ensure two points: first, professionalism, that is, the word is very refined and may simplify your search results. Therefore, the word can even be a bit strange and avoid popular words as much as possible, such as net and site. Even if popular words such as password and username are required, if one or two feature words are added, the results will be greatly simplified. Second, it is representative, that is, the word is representative, that is, it is included in the page you need, it is possible to appear, so as to avoid some useful information being missed.
How can we meet the above two requirements? We must analyze the characteristics of words on the web page and the specialized vocabulary features of the subject.
Let's take a look at the classification under "yahoo", "Google" and "science" -- biology ", and find that many related words are included, such
Http://libinfo.uark.edu/eresources/eresources.asp medicine is related to science & technology, which is subdivided:
Agriculture & Food | biology | botany | chemistry | computer science |
Engineering | environmental dynamics | geology | kinesiology | mathem
Atics | medicine | nursing | physics | psychology | statistics | zoology.
Therefore, if you only search for medicine, you will miss a lot of valuable information, especially the professional information you miss. Secondly, there are many databases in medicine, such as EBSCO Ovid and Proquest, as well as their own universal passwords.

Lecture 2
This article mainly describes the differences and applications between fixed-point search and repeat search. The so-called fixed-point search, that is, specifying a database-related information or an article. You can search for pswd on the Internet.
(1) Search for Fixed-Point databases and journals. In the same way as the first lecture, we mainly analyze the selection of keywords. Of course, one of the keywords is the name of the database. You have noticed that the database name must be used in both the full name and short name. The second keyword is free, ID, password, and user name. Why is this keyword? In fact, these can only be called as one keyword, because they have the same sex or incompatibility. For example, in the elservier database, you 'd better not use username and password, because it mainly uses IP address restrictions. So your focus is on pxory! Instead of any of the above. If you are looking for a magazine, you can use the user name and ID/password (Note: ID/password can only be one !), Because magazines are often purchased by individuals, they have their own accounts. Keyword 3: Where can these databases appear? The largest university library! Even for magazines, libraries have more accounts than individual accounts. What are the keywords on the Library homepage? Library, database, trial, free..., you can look at the home pages of some libraries in China and carefully analyze and compare them to find some common things.
(2) Search for Fixed-Point articles. This document is commonly used in pdf format outside China. Therefore, the core content of document search must be PDF. Suffix:
The syntax is filetypedf, which is one of the key words. keyword 2: Find the question you need or the most strange word in the abstract! Rather than the common province? Professional words are often able to find similar articles, the so-called unintentional plug-in) high hit rate, but it is best to show words in the question, why? Because many personal sites often include many articles, and these articles are often indexed by the question name.

Lecture 3
Professional literature search skills
1. Find the logon password of a professional publication. For example, brain res first selects the Keyword: Brain res, sign in, and password. The success rate is not high, in fact, in detail, there should be no logon, because the word "login" is not used in many places where passwords are provided, but mostly the user name and the magazine name are used as the full name (brainresearch ), try again! Oh, it's done!
2. Find the full text of an article, especially in foreign languages. Many full-text services are charged. Of course, you can first search by the first method to see if there is any password to be searched. If there is no password, find the special field (Key Words) of this article, and then search the PDF file. However, there are several conditions: first, the magazine has already accessed the Internet and has a clear address. Second, it is generally necessary to document it after January 1997.
Example: gattullo D, pagliaro P, Marsh Na, Losano G. New insights into Ni
Tric oxide and coronary circulation. Life Sci 1999; 65 (21): 2167-74.
This article charges fees. Use: inurldf: gattullo pagliaro coronary. The result is 24 items,
Find the 2nd page, which contains the following Life Sciences [Volume 65, Issue 21, pages 2
167-2268 (1999)]
... 1. New Insights into nitric oxide and coronary circulation, pages
2167-2174 D. gattullo, P. pagliaro, Na Marsh and G. Losano 2 .... K-webpage snapshot-similar webpage
Open the Web snapshot. The first one is its directory. download it! OK! Successful
2. Find the *** software or registration code of professional software.
The registration code of common software is very easy to find, but there are too few professional software, and there are few registration codes, *** less. How to find it?
For example, find the *** version of origin 6.1 or the registration code. No matter Netease, Sohu or other software is used for search, the software cannot be found. So we have to borrow a special search.
Analysis: Some ** software pages generally have at least the following information: Software name, version, serial number (serial number, or Sn), *** (crack, or Crk), where the download is provided. zip (multiple compressed files ). For convenience, it also prevents the version from being too accurate but not easy to search. input the origin *** in googlek! OK! Successful! If there are too many results for one search by other software, take the test.
Add 6.1 to reduce the search range. Or if the search results are too few and are not needed, replace *** with the "Registration Code". Generally, the results are good.
3. Search for free full text of Chinese Literature
For example, I know that Chongqing VIPP provides free full-text services, but many sites are currently unavailable. In addition, there are also Wanfang databases and cnki. How can I find free portals for these databases? This requires some skills.GoogleOr Baidu: Enter the Chongqing VIP password.
Oh! 66 items! If you look for it carefully, it will be fruitful! OK!

Lecture 4
This article describes Baidu andGoogleComparison
Search in English is not requiredGoogleWhat about searching for Chinese characters?
Many people do not understand their updates,GoogleIt has developed early, so it stores a large amount of old information. Baidu is developing late and the information is relatively new. Update speed: for ChineseGoogleGenerally, it is updated from half a month to January 1, and only three-level links are found. No search is available for lower three levels. How can I see the latestGoogleWhat about the search results? This site is available at http://www3.google.com /.GoogleGradually updated using different servers. Baidu's updates are fast, with a time interval of half a month and a week at most. So how can we balance Liang's drama and value in the last half month and January? For some trial databases, the validity period is short, or for example, if you change the password in May January 1, you 'd better choose Baidu. Now, Vipe is always shooting a gun for another place, so you have to use Baidu,GoogleThe search results often expire. However, passwords or databases that can be used for a long time are generally used outside China (I don't know if they are available in China ).GoogleAfter all, the technology is more old and the search results are more and more extensive!

Fifth, about keywords
Keyword combination:
Nurse Journal Password
New Medicine Password
What's new medicine Password
Pé riodiques é lectroniques password (note that it is not an English letter !)
Biomedical library Password
Lww journal collection Password
Bibliotekets databaser Password
Kluwer online password
Journalwebsite Password
The basic path is still database + password + supplementary keywords (or definite keywords)
The so-called targeting keyword is to set your search scope to a possible area, library, or personal site to narrow down the search scope. For example, a single magazine can be stored in an individual. For database retrieval, the library should be added, because an individual will not buy a database. At the same time, another targeting is biology and medicine. The key words used are "medicine", "biology", and "Biomed. of course, you can still add third-targeted keywords, such as journal, free, and online. However, be sure to note that the characteristics of the third keyword are not strong, unavailable. Otherwise, a large number of useful websites will be excluded. Remember! However, this is mainly for foreign users. In China, most libraries in different universities usually search for passwords, free passwords, magazines, and database names. However, for some magazines, such as sciencedirect, ideallibrary mostly adopts IP authentication, and generally the password is not usable. In this case, it is important to find a valid proxy server. For example, Tsinghua Elsevier is a proxy.

Lecture 6
This article describes how to use keywords in combination.
Chinese libraries often mention only ** databases, while foreign libraries list the names of various magazines in the database and classify them by letters. Therefore, in order to improve the retrieval accuracy, two or three joint searches are generally used for the magazine names with the same initials in the same database, and other keywords are added in combination with the previous descriptions, it can effectively narrow the search scope, with a very high hit rate. It can be seen from this that a thorough analysis of the characteristics of some library home pages is the key to searching. For example, if you search for brain research, you can list brain research bulltin and search for it at the same time.

Lecture 7
Tips for searching proxy servers:
Chinese: Agent VIP (or other database names) databases can be found, but few actually use proxies in China.
The proxy database name ie Netscape works very well, but it must be noted that many places not only use proxy servers, but also require password authentication, so it is not too optimistic! It should be carefully identified.

Lecture 8
Find Files with specific file names, especially PDF, zip, Doc, txt, rar, EXE, RM, MP3, and mov files, for all types of files, check them online. The method is to use the syntax filetype: suffix name.
If you are looking for a PDF file, add filetypedf to the normal keyword. The search results are all PDF files.
This is another article I wrote, refer to: http://bbs.bioon.com/bbs0......&RootID=839&ID=839&page=1
Search for a webpage with the syntax "intitle:" link: "(add a colon after the English word" Link. You can find out which web pages direct links to your web pages to find specific sites:
Site: www. *. com, such as JIN Yong Gulong site: sina.com.cn, but cannot be added to http: // or/. Otherwise, the cache is wrong.GoogleThe cache of a page on the server is usually used to find some dead-link webpages that have been deleted. It is equivalent to using the "webpage snapshot" function on the general search result page.
Example: SearchGoogleCached Chinese Yahoo Homepage
Search: cache: http://www.yahoo.com.cn"
Info is used to display a series of searches related to a link. It provides the functions of cache, Link, related, and web pages that fully contain the link.
Example: search for information related to the Sina homepage.
Search: "info: http://www.sina.com.cn"
Result: web page information of the http://www.sina.com.cn.
Example: Find the Big Bang jpgimage on CERNET.
Search: "big bang filetype: JPG site: edu"
Result: Search for images related to Big Bang filetype: JPG site: Edu.

Lecture 9
A special syntax is useful. Inurl
The webpage link returned by the "inurl" syntax contains the first keyword, and the following keyword appears in the link or webpage document. Many websites display a type of resource names with the same attributes in the directory name or webpage name, such as "MP3" and "gallary". Therefore, you can use the inurl syntax to find the relevant resource links, and then use the second keyword to determine whether a specific item is available. The biggest difference between inurl syntax and Basic Search syntax is that the former can usually provide very accurate topic information.
For example, find the Midi Music "a sea of laughter ".
Search: "inurl: MIDI"
Result: You have searched the Chinese (simplified) webpage for inurl: Midi.
Example: find information about Windows security on the Microsoft website.
Search: "inurl: Security Windows2000 site: Microsoft.com"
Result: The Web page about inurlecurity Windows2000 has been searched in Microsoft.com.
Note: "inurl:" cannot be followed by spaces,GoogleOr do not search for URL symbols such. For example,Google"/" In "cgi-bin/phf" is treated as a space. Generally, many passwords or databases appear in links, such as ideallibraryinurl and ideallibrary proxy passowrd (ID)
The link to the webpage returned by the "allinurl" syntax contains all the key words. Keyword of this query
Only link strings of webpages are concentrated.
Example: Find a company website that may have a phf security vulnerability. Usually these websites contain the CGI-BIN directory
There is a phf script program (this script is not secure), as shown in the link is "Domain Name/cgi-bin/pH
F ".
Syntax: "allinurl:" cgi-bin "phf + COM"
Search: You have searched the internet for about 37 query results in allinurl: "cgi-bin" phf + COM.
Is Item 1-10. The search time is 0.36 seconds.

Lecture 10
How can I find many foreign databases that require Proxies? Common proxies are used everywhere.GoogleIf you enter proxy free or proxy server free, you can find a lot of proxies, but these proxies are not suitable for viewing some famous databases. How can you find them? I will briefly analyze the following tips:
Because these agents must appear in the university.
(1) If you use a normal free proxy, you must ensure that the proxy is in a certain University, which can be measured by the proxy, with no special skills in it. It can be seen that the following Proxy Server post description (2) If you want to search, you should restrict the proxy server to the university, so the search format should be as follows:
Proxy database name site: edu
This is a standard format. There are many databases to search for, but it must be noted that not all the searched proxies are useful. Some proxies also need password support for careful determination. Other similar Optional keywords are also listed, which can be properly combined with the preceding core keywords to improve search accuracy:
Off-campus: Improves the password-less search success rate
Netscape: improves accuracy

Lecture 2
UseGoogleCheck the password. Most usersGoogle, Still failedGoogleHave a deep understanding. UsuallyGoogleA large number of passwords have been found, and they have expired only once they are used. Especially Chinese passwords are frequently updated. It is very important to find the latest password. I have talked about the updated version of BaiduGoogleFast, however, Baidu is more competent in Link AnalysisGooglePoor,GoogleYou can analyze the link to the next layer, while Baidu may only be able to analyze the link to the third layer. The password usually appears on the university homepage-library-e-database-some database passwords. From this analysis, we can see that, many passwords appear under the fourth layer of the home page. Baidu often cannot find them (of course, there are also many on the third layer, which is one of Baidu's strengths ). Search for Chinese passwordsGoogleStill very important, so how to use the latestGoogle?GoogleThe Chinese database was updated on August 1, January 1 (too slow, once a day in English),GoogleThere are thousands of servers around the world, which have different update speeds for different languages. In addition, the update method adopts gradient update, that is, some servers are updated first, and then all servers are updated later. So we can useGoogleThe latest server search, while Goole's latest Service
The link to the tool is here: http://www3.google.com.

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