Post-production tutorial on the effect of Photoshop translucent hair glass

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To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share the translucent hair glass effect of post-production tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
1, prepare the appropriate material map, I reluctantly selected a picture of the positive angle.

2, create a new picture, reference to the original color, pull a gradient background color. Pull the horse on the left side of the footage and drop it onto a new layer, performing a go-to-pull curve, as follows.

3, the implementation of filters-Gaussian blur, using the appropriate parameters to ensure that the basic outline to be in.

4, a key step, through deepening, reducing light to make a sense of space behind the hair glass.

5, part of the position plus the use of deep Dodge tool effect is not ideal, can be painted with a brush, almost the following effect.

6, will be exposed to the outside of the hair glass from the material drawing out, and perform to color-pull curve-color balance (because the original is white horse, processed into a dark color after the distortion, simply emphasize the metal sense).

7. Create a new layer, brush the line between the horse and the wool glass, in order to form the transition effect.

Look at this, is not better.

Finally, add the text to complete the whole piece of work.

Well, the above information is small to give you photoshop this software users of the detailed translucent hair glass effect of the post-production tutorial analysis of the entire content of the share, you see the users here are now very understanding of the production of the tutorial, Then you go to follow the small part of the tutorial to share the production of it.

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