PowerDesigner Reverse Engineering PostgreSQL Database

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1. Environment Preparation:

a) Install PowerDesigner, take PowerDesigner15.1 as an example

b) Install Java JDK, take jdk-7-windows-i586 as an example

c) Download the Postgressql JDBC driver jar package, taking Postgresql-8.1-415.jdbc2.jar as an example

2. remotely Connect a PostgreSQL Database

a) Open PowerDesigner

b) Create a new blank physical data model

Click on the PowerDesigner menu bar "File", "New model", "Model types"

Select the left "Physicaldatamodel", enter the name of the new model in the "model name", select the database type in "DBMS", and click "OK" to complete the new.

c) Configure the connection data source

Click on the PowerDesigner menu bar "Database"->configure connections->connection profiles->add Data source

Enter information

d) Click the Test button in the lower left corner of "Connection profile Definition" to test if the connection is successful

You may encounter the following error:

1) Count not initialize JAVAVM

Workaround, install Java JDK, set environment variables, specific settings please ask your own mother

2) Could not load class Org.postgresql.Driver

Workaround, download the jar package in http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html, set the environment variable CLASSPATH append the jar package save location

3) JDBC Connection URL format:

Connection URL error, please check URL stitching in the following format


4) If the connection is successful, you can enter the reverse engineering step.

3. Reverse Engineering

a) test the connection database, if you have completed step 2, you can skip this step

Click on the PowerDesigner menu bar "Database", "Configure Connections",

Pop-up window "Configure Data Connections" and select "Connection Profiles" click "Add" to configure the database connection can be clicked in the lower left corner of the "Test Connection ... "The test connection was successfully connected.

b) Let the PDM graphics list show the required information such as name and code

Click on the menu "TOOLS"-〉 display parameter settings (show PREFERENCES), in the Pop-up box select the content-〉table-> point in the lower right corner of the Advanced button, select the columns-> point in the popup box ListColumns the button to the right, find the code and Name in the pop-up box and tick the box in the back of it.

c) Reverse Engineering

Click "Database", "Update Model from Database", pop-up window "database Reverse Engineering Options"

d) Select Target data for reverse engineering

Select the database or some tables in the database that need to be reverse-engineered, then click "OK" to complete the reverse engineering of the database.

e) Wait for the task to complete and get the following results

PowerDesigner Reverse Engineering PostgreSQL Database

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