Powerful video segmentation software: boilsoft video splitter 7.01.1 green portable Edition

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Boilsoft video SplitterIt is a very powerful video splitting tool that allows you to directly cut and edit video files without coding, so it is extremely fast and convenient. You can also select the splitting start point through preview videos.

After boilsoft video splitter is updated to 6.x, it becomes very powerful and supports editing more video formats, includingFLV and MKV, Avi, DivX, mpg, MPEG, ASF, WMV,Rm, rmvb, MP4, MP3, 3GP, AC3, etc. The compatibility with RM/rmvb is also greatly improved (no need to install RealPlayer ). It supports Avi, MPEG, vob, MP4, 3GP, RM, ASF/WMV/WMA, MKV, MP3, and FLVLossless editing, Which is directly divided into the original format to retain the same audio and video quality as the source file.

Instructions for use: You can directly run boilsoftvideosplitterportable.exe, which is a green and portable version,2012.10.20 updated to boilsoft video splitter 7.01.1English Green Edition and Chinese Green Edition (Thank youBlue sky outside the windowProvides Chinese patches). If Chinese characters cannot be processed in Chinese, you can try to rename the video file and then cut it.

To ensure the preview splitting effect of the boilsoft video splitter, make sure that the necessary decoder has been installed. If the decoder is abnormal, download and install the perfect decoding or K-lite codec pack.

Boilsoft video splitter 7.01.1 Update log:

* Solve the audio resample problem whe split video files.

Boilsoft video splitter is a tool to split, cut or trim a large video file into smaller video clips in a second.

With an encoded ded video player, splitter supports almost all popular video formats, including 3GP, Avi, mpg, MPa, vob, RM, MP4, Windows Media File (. ASF ,. WMV ,. WMA), FLV (Flash video), mp3((), MKV (matroska video), Etc ..

Download boilsoft video Splitter

Official Website: 0537ce601a73eea935a7e15e271e88eb

Start downloadBoilsoft video splitter 7.01.1 Chinese Green portable version
Boilsoftvideosplitterhh_7.01.20.portablesoft.rar | 11.5 MB
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Start downloadBoilsoft video splitter 7.01.1 green and portable English version
Boilsoftvideosplitter_7.01.20.portablesoft.rar | 11.5 MB
From high-quality green portable SOFTWARE | go to the Software Download Page

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