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You can use this shell to familiarize yourself with Unix commands, most of which are compatible.

Windows powershellIt is the shell and script language technology developed by Microsoft for the Windows environment, using the command line interface. This new technology provides rich control and automated system management capabilities.

The previous development code is monad, and another program name is Microsoft shell (MSH ).

Source and purpose

UNIX systems have always had powerful Shell programs, Windows
The birth of powershell is to provide command line Shell programs (such as SH, Bash, or CSH) with functions equivalent to Unix systems, as well as tools with script language and auxiliary script programs.

Windows powershell is a shell developed by Microsoft for a Windows environment and a technical example of this tutorial, this brand-new technology provides rich control and automatic system management capabilities, and scripting languages) is used to compile the program's statement. This statement is generally simple, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use. The goal is to allow programmers (developers) to quickly complete program failover. This article describes the origin and purpose of this statement and describes
Windows powershell.

Shell script

Because batch operations greatly help the operator of the Power Generation System in the Command column, the command processor of the operating system does not support batch operations, in particular, it has added many important Program Statement elements, including data changes, Referer circles, and condition determination. This not only allows battery operations to be sequential, this kind of programming is usually shell programming. Therefore, it is not the system operator of a large host, or the system administrator and network administrator of the entire computer environment, shell programming is an important skill, which can effectively and quickly control the power of computers.

The shell of UNIX systems is usually the same, such as Bourne shell (SH), Bourne-again shell (BASH), KoRn shell (Ksh), and C shell (CSH; the following describes the common unixshell.

  • Bourne shell (SH): This is a long-History and important Unix shell, which was created by Stephen Bourne, a researcher in the laboratory of clinical practice for the seventh version of UNIX, the sub-role name of the response line of this shell is. sh.

  • Bourne-again shell (BASH): From the Perspective of name, you can guess that Bash and sh have sources (or even "blood 」). Bash was created by Brian fox for GNU in 1987. Since 1990, Chet Ramey has become a major hacker. Bash is a popular shell. In addition to the shell set by most Linux users, many UNIX-like systems also have their own commands (such as Mac OS X Tiger ), it can even pass through cygwin on Windows systems.

  • Korn shell (Ksh): it was created by David Korn, a researcher in the clinical laboratory in early 1980s. Besides being completely compatible with SH, KSh, it also contains several C Shell functions.

  • C shell (CSH): it was built by Bill Joy (which later announced the startup company) for the bsd unix system. CSH originated from the sixth unix version of Thompson shell (the predecessor of the Bourne shell), named after the syntax similar to C statement.

In addition to the aforementioned shells that are prevalent in the Unix environment, other operating systems also have shell or shell scripts in plain text, for example, Apple Script of the Golden Tower System and Rexx of ibm OS/2 (restructured extended executor ). The DOS and early Windows Shell functions are command.com, but their functions are also weak. Therefore, they provide functions such as 4dos and 4nt that can be added, in Windows 2000 and later versions, the function named "cmd.exe" is used as the Windows Shell and
The Windows Script Host is used as an example in this tutorial, which greatly improves the availability of Windows Shell. Microsoft will also launch a more powerful Windows Shell, using Windows powershell.

Although many computer systems now provide graphical operations, none of them stop providing command Column Operations in the text mode. On the contrary, many systems are more capable of this part. For example, Windows not only adds the function and quantity of operation commands, but also improves the shell programming method. However, the reason for the upgrade and improvement is that the upgrade is not good. In Windows, the simplified operation method is used to operate on a single terminal computer, it is already quite convenient, but if it is a group of server computers that use terminal computers or are running 24 hours a day, the border-based operations sometimes fail.

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