PowerPoint Background padding also allows you to crop pictures randomly

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The specific learning methods are as follows:

1, this article on this proposition, to launch a detailed introduction! Here, in order for everyone to learn, only use PowerPoint itself with the function can!

The following figure, for a cropped rectangular picture, this is what we do not need!

2, if you want to achieve the effect of this proposition, please read the following carefully!

First, drag an AutoShape in the PowerPoint work area, such as the eight-side shape of this example! The following figure!

3, then double-click the AutoShape, pop up the following picture of the dialog box!

4, above, we switch to the "Color and Line" tab, then in the "color" to the right of the Drop-down combo box to click, in the list to click "Fill Effect", pop-up the following image dialog box!

5, as above, switch to the "Picture" tab, and then click the "Select Picture" button, pop-up the following image dialog box!

6, the above picture, is the choice of the Background Picture dialog box, to find their own pictures, then click the "Insert" button can!

Next, just click on the Open dialog box in the "OK" button to confirm and exit it!

At this point, we can get a cropped picture of any shape of the following figure!

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