PowerPoint can also produce 3D stereo effects

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Want to make a simple 3D courseware, but the professional 3D software to the daunting? Don't worry, PowerPoint can also solve the immediate needs. As long as the smart use of its three-dimensional settings, the same can be completed 3D effect of realistic courseware.

Making three-dimensional drawings

First, insert planar AutoShapes, such as rectangles, circles, and so on. Then, click the (three-dimensional effect style) button on the Drawing toolbar to select a stereo effect for the AutoShape.

Open the three-dimensional settings toolbar

Click the three-dimensional effect style button and select the three-dimensional settings command to open the three-dimensional Settings toolbar, where each button on the bar has specific features (Figure 1).

Perform 3D demo

Click (Set/Cancel the three-dimensional effect) button, you can achieve a rapid transition between planar and stereo graphics. Click the (Depth) button to select a different depth value to quickly change the three-dimensional depth (if you choose infinity, you can also make a cone effect). Click the (Orientation) button to quickly change the three-dimensional orientation, and to quickly switch between perspective and parallel effects. Click the (Lighting angle) button to quickly change the light intensity on each surface of the three-dimensional graphic to highlight the different sides of the graphic. In addition, you can also choose whether the brightness of the lighting is "bright", "ordinary" or "dark". Click the (Surface Effect) button to select a different effect for the three-dimensional graphic surface. It is particularly noteworthy that if you choose the transparent frame effect, the graphic will lose its fill color and be quickly converted from an entity to a transparent frame, which is very useful in geometry teaching.

Tip Link: Click the small triangle next to the Drawing toolbar (fill Color) button and select "Other fill Colors" To adjust the transparency of the color in the window that pops up, and the adjusted three-dimensional graphics will render the special effects of the front surface translucent (see Figure 2).

Click the small triangle next to the (three-dimensional color) button to select a fill color that is different from the front surface for a three-dimensional effect. Continuous click (down), (up) or (left), (right) button, the entire three-dimensional graphics will move with the control, angle, direction can be arbitrarily changed.

Tip Link: If you use the Drawing toolbar's (Free Rotate) button (the Green rotation control point on the graphic in PowerPoint version 2002/2003), you can achieve a flexible rotation of three-dimensional graphics and almost arbitrary effects (Figure 3).

How's it going, huh? Although using PowerPoint to produce 3D effect than professional 3D software to make the effect of exquisite, accurate, but it is simple to operate, easy to learn and use, and even students can quickly grasp the essentials, in class, under the class hands-on try to produce and control the stereo graphics, so as to better cultivate three-dimensional, form the concept of space.

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