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There was an error opening PowerPoint 2003 today: PowerPoint found an error that could not be corrected. It's a good idea to save your presentation and exit, and then start PowerPoint again. After a while to finally solve, the following said the solution.

Bing a bit, there is said to be Sogou input method caused by the computer Sogou Wubi and sogou Pinyin Uninstall, the error remains.

Restart your computer and run PowerPoint 2003 again, prompting you that PowerPoint encountered a serious error when you last opened the add-in "PPT reader add-in". Do you want to disable the add-in? To reactivate the add-in, click About Microsoft Office PowerPoint on the Help menu, and then click Disable Project.

Click "Yes" and PowerPoint is finally running.

Re-installed Sogou Pinyin and Wubi IME, PowerPoint 2003 can be opened normally. You can determine the error that caused the PowerPoint discovery to not be corrected. The best way to save your presentation and exit is by PPT reader add-in.

However, do not uninstall the Sogou input method does not see the prompt: The last time the add-in "PPT reader add-in" was opened, PowerPoint encountered a serious error. Do you want to disable the add-in? ......

Bing, Sogou "ppt reader add-in", unexpectedly no results. Have to strongly miss Google ...

Open PowerPoint 2003, click About Microsoft Office PowerPoint on the Help menu, and then click Disable Project to finally see an error causing PowerPoint 2003 to open: PowerPoint An error was found that could not be corrected. It's best to save your presentation and exit the original killer--the add-in "PPT reader add-in":

Add-ins: Ppt reader add-in (fpc_pptaddin_x86.dll)

The corresponding file for the add-in "PPT reader add-in" is fpc_pptaddin_x86.dll.

Bing a bit, originally is Foxit reader's file.

File descriptor: D:program filesfoxit softwarefoxit Readerpluginscreatorx86fpc_pptaddin_x86.dll

Properties: A---

Digital Signature: Foxit Software Incorporated

PE File: Yes

Language: Neutral language

File version:

Description: Foxit Reader PDF printer:powerpoint Plugin

Copyrights: Copyright? 2006-2014 Foxit Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Product Version:

Product Name: Foxit Reader PDF printer:reliable, affordable, efficient

Company Name: Foxit Software Inc.

Internal name: Fpc_pptaddin

SOURCE FileName: Fpc_pptaddin.dll

Date Created: 2014-10-30 11:48:5

Modification Date: 2014-9-11 12:5:10

Size: 2758880 bytes 2.646 MB




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