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What would you do if you were to insert dozens of or even hundreds of of pictures and ask each picture to be inserted on each slide page (that is, there are several slides)?

It's a waste of time to click on the "insert → picture → from file" menu command, and then choose the picture you want, or click the "format → background" command to import the picture as a background for PowerPoint. In this case, you can use PowerPoint's powerful macro functionality to combine MULTI-STEP operations into one step and bulk insert pictures.

The first step: Prepare the picture first, assume in the Pictures folder below C disk has 100 jpg picture, such as "c:pictures1.jpg", "c:pictures2.jpg", "c:pictures3.jpg" and so on, The file name is an ordered number

Step two: Start PowerPoint 2003, press ALT+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor window, click the Insert → module menu command, and enter the following code in the pop-up Code editing window:

Sub Insertpic ()

Dim I as Integer

For i = 1 to ActivePresentation.Slides.Count

ActivePresentation.Slides (i). Select

With ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange

. FollowMasterBackground = MsoFalse

. Background.Fill.UserPicture "C:pictures" & I & ". jpg"

End With


End Sub

Step three: Close the Visual Basic Editor window, and the module code above will be saved automatically. At this point, press ctrl+m continuously to create multiple blank slides that are equal to the number of pictures (for example: 100). Press Alt+f8 to open the Macro dialog box, select the INSERTPIC macro we established above, click "Run", 100 pictures will be automatically inserted into the slide

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