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a successful PowerPoint demo, in addition to the content to be wonderful, beautiful page design is also important, so that in the first time to attract viewers, to bring them goodwill. Here are 9 tips to help you improve your productivity while designing PowerPoint slides.

  coup 1: slide Quick Split if there is too much text and a slide doesn't fit, you can quickly divide the slide into two slides. STEP1 Click menu "view → toolbar → outline" To bring up the "outline" window. Steo2 in the Outline window, move the cursor to the place where the text is to be separated, and press the ENTER key (see Figure 1).

  coup 2: use guides to align graphics

With guides, PowerPoint can quickly align elements such as images, graphics, and blocks of text in a page to make the layout look neat.


Click the menu "view → gridlines and guides", and in the Open dialog box, select the object and grid alignment and the show drawing guides on screen item.


When you are sure, you will see a cross guide on the screen, and you can drag to adjust the position of the guide. Step3 the objects that you want to align are dragged near the guides, they are automatically adsorbed and aligned to the guide line.

  coup 3: quickly fine-tune the position of the design object in the slide, with the mouse or arrow keys to adjust the position of objects such as graphics, is adjusted in 10 pixel units, sometimes appear to be less accurate. You can press the CTRL key, and then move in a continuous direction key, you can adjust a pixel for the unit. If you want to use the mouse to fine-tune, you must press the ALT key and then drag. Note: Press CTRL and then drag with the mouse to copy the object instead of fine-tuning it.

  coup 4: fast alignment graphics and other objects, in addition to guides, there is another way to quickly align objects. Step1 on the slide, press the CTRL key, and then click All the objects you want to align. STEP2 Click the Drawing button on the Drawing toolbar, and under Align or distribute the pop-up menu, there are several options, such as left alignment, top alignment, and so on, as you choose.

  coup 5: quickly and evenly arrange graphics and other objects under the Align or Distribute menu, there are "landscape distribution" and "Portrait Distribution" two commands, press the CTRL key to select multiple objects, and then execute one of the commands, you can make the selected objects, horizontal or vertical automatically arrange evenly, very practical.

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