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There is a "Draw Custom path" feature in PowerPoint 2003 that is not known to you, use this feature can be very convenient to make a lot of interesting "animation", we will use it to try to make a car to climb the stairs of the "animation."

1. Create a new file in PowerPoint 2003, click the view → toolbar, check the drawing and Task panes, and select the blank style in the content layout item in the Slide Layout task pane that opens on the right. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 Content layout

2. Click the view → grid and guide, open the Gridlines and Guides dialog box, set the spacing to 1 centimeters in the grid settings item, and then tick the screen display grid. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 The screen shows the grid

3, click the Line button in the Drawing toolbar (Figure 3), with the grid as a reference, and in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint 2003 workspace, draw a 1-centimetre-long horizontal line and a vertical bar to form a stair step (Figure 4).

Figure 3 Line button

Figure 4 Draw the steps

Click "Vertical", hold down a CTRL key, and then hold down the left mouse button to drag the vertical bar to the next step, using this method to draw all the vertical lines of stair steps (Figure 5), and draw the horizontal lines of each step in the same way so that the stairs are painted.

Fig. 5 Draw the vertical line

4, click the "insert" → picture → clip art, in the Open Clip Art task pane, in the Search text box, enter the word "Car", click the "Search" button, after the search is finished, and then clicking the search out of the green car. (Figure 6)

Fig. 6 Car

5, the car moved to the bottom of the stairs and slightly off the steps of a piece, click the car, the mouse pointer to the car above the green rotation control point, press and hold the left button to drag, let the car slightly lift nod. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 Let the car raise its head slightly

6, right click on the car, select "Custom Animation", in the Custom Animation task pane open, click Add effect → action path → draw Custom path → curve (figure 8), start at the bottom of the steps, click the left arrow at the intersection of all lines, and then double-click the left button at the top step, So the motion path is drawn. (Figure 9)

Figure 8 Drawing a custom path

Figure 9 Motion path

7, the mouse pointer to draw the action path, press and hold the left button to the right to drag, so that it separated from the staircase; Click the car to adjust the size and angle of the car. (Figure 10)

Figure 10 Adjusting the path and the angle of the car

8, to the right in the Custom Animation task pane, in the Speed box, select Very slow, and then open the Gridlines and Guides dialog box, in the grid settings item in the "Screen display grid" in front of the check to remove. Finally click the "Play" button to preview the effect of the painting bar! (Figure 11)

Figure 11 Animation speed

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