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Picture face, easy and fun:

In the use of PPT2007, first of all should get rid of the previous menu to find their own needs of the function of the habit. Attention to each step of the interface changes, as your operation changes, all the functions you need are directly in front of you. You just have to choose a function or an effect that you think you want. It can be said that PPT2007 has become a "fool" software, but this "fool" is very smart oh. Now let's start with the beautification of the picture.

Open PPT2007, click the Insert Option Bar, and expand the work area of the Insert command. This is where you put most of the function buttons that are inserted in a panel bar, where we need to insert a picture. Click the "Picture" button, select a photo of your own, and when you do this, you will notice that the function buttons in the workspace have all changed. All are the functional buttons for the image processing (Figure 1).

Figure 1

The most obvious here is the various picture style options, click on the "Picture Style" button below the third small button (other styles), will soon expand for us 28 of styles. These 28 styles clearly do not meet our needs, you dot the ribbon of the "Picture shape" button, here you will see a very rich shape graphics library. Choose a shape style that you like. Double-click to apply to your picture (Figure 2). A little fun, huh? The better play is still in the back.

Figure 2

Not only to be deformed, but also to have "type":

Deformation is only our first step, if we will distort the picture to do some beautiful effect, it is better. It's also very simple. Click the "Picture Effects" button, expand the Effect Settings menu, you will find that the effect here is not only rich and diverse and is very cool. You point the mouse to the effect style, and the picture in the workspace immediately becomes the style of the effect, very intuitive (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Hint: The picture's border settings are also very important to get a more beautiful effect. There are border settings in each effect, and the border is set in the same way as the selection effect action. The picture Border button on the point ribbon allows you to expand the Border Settings feature option (Figure 4).

Figure 4

The picture personality is set by me:

Just choose to provide the effect, lack of personality, or not too satisfied with the effect, how to do? change it! Click the right mouse button in the picture, select "Format Picture" in the pop-up menu, there are many setting options, such as Picture fill, line color, shadow setting, three-dimensional effect, etc. in the pop-up control Panel. All the settings for the picture are here (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Each option has a detailed set parameter adjustment area. such as three-dimensional effect options, here not only can set three-dimensional effect of depth, color, contour lines, but also to set three-dimensional material and lighting effects, very comprehensive. All the results are WYSIWYG, very intuitive.

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