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Enter title

Open PowerPoint 2003, select Empty presentation, and the layout is titled only, and in the title text box, enter the English speaking game timing system font to bold. As we play the slide, we need to use a simple macro command, so we need to reduce the security of the macro to facilitate our use. Click Tools/Macros/security, and then drop security level to low.

The production of dynamic time display

We want to realize real-time dynamic display time after the start of the timer, here is the countdown (the remaining time). This is accomplished by: Insert a text box on the slide, the contents of the text box are 1, 2, 3, and so on, and then animate the text boxes with the appearance effect inside the custom animation, with each object appearing 1 seconds after the previous object appears.

In this case, because the time of the timer is 30 seconds, should need 30 text boxes, but the first text box delay time is 0 seconds, so we want to insert a total of 31 text boxes, the first text box has no dwell time, the contents of these text boxes are 30, 29 ... 2, 1, 0, that is, the first text box content is "30", the last text box content is? ", so that the input can be later in the animation settings, set all the text box alignment is horizontal center, vertical center. Here's an example of how to set up a custom animation effect for a text box to illustrate the steps:

1. Select the text box where you want to set the custom animation.

2. Open the menu slide Show/Custom animation, and in the Custom Animation dialog box that pops up, we click Add Effect/Enter/appear to set the animation effect for this object to appear.

3. In the pop-up dialog box, click the Drop-down button to the right of the object you want to set, and select the effect Options command.

4. When you click the effect Options command, the Appearance dialog box pops up, in which we click the Effects tab to set the animation to "Hide after next click", "No Sound", "Send whole batch". Then select the Timing tab and set the start to "after" and the delay to "1 seconds."

Follow these steps to set the custom animation for all text boxes: Playback is "appear", the effect after the animation: all text (except text 31) is "Hide after next click", and Text 31 is "do not darken". The starting mode is: All text (except Text 1) is deferred to 1 seconds for the previous animation, Text 1 is "click" Start, the delay is 0 seconds, and the order of the text boxes is: "Text 1", "Text 2" until "text 31". Shape 2 to shape 32, as shown in the figure.

Finally, we insert two cosmetic text boxes, the input is "end of distance and", "second", adjust the position as shown in Figure 2, the dynamic time display part of the production completed.

Making of progress bar

The progress bar can help us to see the time we've used so clearly. This example is shown as a percentage, where the progress bar is implemented with a rectangle, and every 2 seconds the progress bar is transformed (that is, a rectangle appears every 2 seconds), so we need 15 rectangular blocks.

Make a rectangular block in the slide and then copy the other, the size of the rectangle we have the proper control, to set the rectangle properties to: Fill "blue", "Wireless Bar", and then arrange the rectangles in the style shown in Figure 2, in order to achieve the effect of the progress bar in Figure 1, we insert a larger rectangle below the progress bar , and then set the color that is filled to darker, and the stacking order is "bottom".

The following sets the animation of each rectangle in the progress bar, we open the menu slide Show/Custom animation in the pop-up Custom Animation dialog box, we set each rectangle individually: The animation sequence inserts a rectangle after two text, and the text 1 in this example corresponds to shape 2 in the custom animation, and so on. Because the first text box stays at 0, the first rectangle is behind the third text box, the second rectangle is followed by the 5th, and so on, and the first rectangle in this example corresponds to the rectangle 33 in the custom animation, so the animation order in the Custom Animation dialog box is "Shape 4" and the following is "Rectangle 33" shape 6. The following is "rectangle 34" until "Shape 32" is "Rectangle 47", all rectangles are started in the form of "before", "delay" is 1 seconds, and all rectangles have the effect: "appear", "Animate does not darken".

Finally, we decorate the progress bar, add the indicator number "0, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%" below it, and then "distribute" the numbers horizontally, and the progress bar is finished.

The Making of the button

Finally we made the "Start Timer" button, open the menu View/toolbar/Control Toolbox, click the Button tool, and then drag a button on the slide, right-click the button, open the Properties dialog box, set the Caption property to start Timer, close the dialog box, and return to the slide page. Double-click the button to enter the following code in the Code window that appears:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click ()


SlideShowWindows (index:=1). View.next

End Sub

Our production is complete, to check the results, press the "F5" show the slide, and then click the "Start Timing" button, the timing begins, the effect as shown in the picture.

Tip: During playback, you first need to verify that the macro security level for PowerPoint is low, or you will not be able to invoke the timing feature.

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