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Usually make PPT courseware when very few black background design, not dislike, because the color is single, need to have a high level of PPT design, but it is not absolutely not obscene play.

Black, white, gray, gold, silver does not use the obvious color appearance attribute, belong to colorless color. No color department also has a certain degree of professionalism, and is accepted by people, and even become a "perpetual fashion." Look at your wardrobe, black or dark clothes mostly.

Black symbolizes stillness, silence, meaning evil and ominous, is considered a negative color. The inherent feelings of white, is not calm, also not irritating.

Wordy so much, to see the concrete presentation bar ... This article is only presented, the previous script copy skipped, if you like the teaching design can be explored together ...

Smart Line

I do not know where this "line" sketch design comes from, but it is widely used by courseware designers. With the corresponding audio and animation, the content is interpreted incisively and vividly.

What you want to show and then choose the lines of different meanings. Different forms of expression, meaning and feelings will also be different.

For example: Coarse line: Intuitive publicity lively ...

Thin line: Delicate and weak flexible ...

Dark: intensely sensitive and straightforward ...

Light: euphemism for free ...

And so on and so on, there are colors, directions, size changes. Choose different lines based on your own understanding of the design.

This everybody looked very familiar with it, the eyeful company designs the production, in order to facilitate everybody to understand, I put the blue background and the font color slightly to make the change, seems also does not have some taste.

A slideshow designed by Nancy to support the publication of Guy Kawasaki's new book, "The Art of innovation."

Black and white collocation is always the classic combination, master the appropriate mix proportion.

Graphical symbols

"A symbol is ' X ', it represents an absent ' Y '," said Yike (U. Eco), an Italian contemporary semiotic historian. "That is to say, anything that can be perceived can be given meaning by society and become a symbol." The reason why people create all kinds of symbols is to show them in simple form (green or red lights) in order to make a complex thing (for example, a road rule to indicate a vehicle to pass or stop). Most of the time, the information expressed by graphs and symbols is more accurate and effective, and can be quickly accepted.

The graphic itself is also a symbolic image, select some of the more meaningful graphics, according to the theme to be conveyed at random change color and shape size. This page will be more vivid and rich.

Tip: If you can't find the right editable graphics, you can also download some PNG icons on the Internet for backup. can also achieve a multiplier effect.

Use color block

The geometric shape of the color block with simple, concise, crisp feeling, with color filling.

The color should be concise, one page page best does not exceed 3 kinds of colors, or directly uses the similar color or is the adjacent color, the picture effect will not show very dazzle. Practical color block to be less, through the clever design of the layout to convey the concept and meaning and its characteristics.

Black is generally a lap color, but the individual prefers the color scheme:

Black + Gray + white (fashion, taste, personality, modern),

Black + red (atmosphere, elegance, tradition)

Black + yellow (mature, modern),

Black + blue (conservative, sensible)

There is a point to note that the black is not necessarily pure black, generally in favor of dark gray or dark brown, in short, the brightness to pull the contrast, and black collocation will be "at daggers"!

The black background itself has texture, shadow and projection can not be achieved, only with light or light and color to achieve.

Anti-white text on a black background is the easiest to identify. In the layout design to dark or black for the background, with a light-colored text, strong contrast effect, strong visual impact. The black background adds a sense of depth to the design, but there is enough room to breathe in the design.

In order to avoid user eye fatigue, can be appropriate to increase the spacing of the text, a way to improve readability is to increase the text of paragraph spacing, character spacing and line height.

Also need to pay attention to is the black background courseware, if the hall illumination is not enough, but at this time your courseware is not bright enough, the meeting "sleeping rate" estimate also wants to increase. So need to color bright point of color block embellishment, so that it is not too boring.

Wordy so much, but still practice the truth ah, we practice more applications, I believe your courseware will do more and more good ...

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