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If you have a list of numbers with decimal points listed in a PowerPoint slide, and you want them to be aligned with a decimal point, you can do this quickly by following these methods. We take Powerpoint2007 as an example, and the other version steps are similar.

This operation requires ruler assistance. If the ruler is not displayed in the PowerPoint interface, select the View menu card from the Ribbon menu and check the ruler to display the ruler.

  Show Ruler

Select the number you want to align the decimal point to, and then in the upper-left corner of the ruler, click the button continuously (as shown in the red box below) until the decimal mark appears.

  Click on ruler Toggle

Select a position on the horizontal ruler, which is the position of the decimal point, and click Add a tab with a decimal point.

  Select a position on the horizontal ruler

Move the cursor to the front of the number, press the TAB key, and the decimal point of the number is aligned with the Decimal tab on the ruler.

  Moving numbers

To do this, press the TAB key to align the decimal points of all numbers. Complete.

  Align decimal points

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