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The package for CD feature in PowerPoint 2003 copies one or more presentations and supporting files to a CD. By default, PowerPoint2003 packs the player onto a CD, even on other computers that do not have PowerPoint installed, to meet the requirements of running out of the software platform without worrying about not playing or playing on other computers.

First, operating system requirements

You need Windows XP or later to package your presentation directly to a CD. If you are a different version of Windows, you can use the package for CD feature to package your presentation to copy to folder, and then use the CD burning software to package the files in the folder to the CD.

Second, "package the presentation into a CD"

1. Open the edited presentation that you want to package.

2. Insert a blank burn disk into the burner.

3. On the File menu, click Package for CD.

4. In the "Name CD as" box, type a name for the CD (Figure 1).

5. To package multiple presentations and specify the playback order, the action is as follows:

To add additional presentations or other files that you cannot automatically include, click Add Files. Select the file you want to add, and then click Add.

By default, presentations are set to run automatically in the order that they are arranged in the files to be copied list. To change the playback order (Figure 2), select a presentation, and then click the up or down ARROW keys to move it to a new location in the list.

Note: By default, the currently open presentation already appears in the files to copy list. All files linked to the presentation, such as graphics files, are automatically included.

6. To change the default settings, click Options, and then set:

By default, the CD is set to automatically play all presentations (also known as AutoPlay CDs) in the order you specify. To prevent the presentation from playing automatically, or to specify additional autoplay options, select from the Choose a presentation in the play in player list (Figure 3).

If you use a special font, select the embedded TrueType fonts check box.

embedding fonts ensures that the font is available when you run a presentation on a different computer. (The CD cannot package TrueType fonts that have built-in copyright restrictions.) )

To open or edit the password for a packaged presentation, under Help protect PowerPoint files, enter the password you want to use.

7. Click Copy to CD to burn to CD.

Third, copy to folder

The packaging process settings are the same as described in the previous article, with the Add files and options for specific settings.

Finally click Copy to folder to specify the folder where you want to save the packaged file.


* If you are packing a Web presentation, copy it as a PowerPoint (. ppt) file instead of a Web (. mht) file.

* When you set the "Package for CD" password, those passwords apply to the. ppt,. pot,. pps, and PowerPoint. mht files that have been converted to. ppt files, without affecting the password set on the original file.

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