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In a slide, we often insert multiple objects (such as pictures, graphics, text boxes, and so on), how do we keep them in apple-pie order?

Solving method

In PowerPoint2003, execute the view → toolbar → drawing command first. Expand the Drawing toolbar (see figure I), and then select multiple objects that you want to align (see figure I), press the Draw (R) button on the Drawing toolbar, and then pop up a shortcut menu (see figure I). Expand the Align or Distribute cascading menu, and select one of the alignment (such as Align right).

① the alignment set by this method, in fact, multiple objects "align" to one of these objects, as in the example above, when we select the right alignment option, the remaining three objects immediately "align" to the "rightmost" Object (the "TextBox").

② hold down the left mouse button and drag a dotted box around the surface of multiple objects in the slide to select the object surrounded by the dashed box.

③ hold down the SHIFT key and click on the object individually, or you can select multiple objects that are clicked (these objects may not be contiguous).

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