PowerPoint2007 How to make three-dimensional digital path

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1. Open a presentation with a "round" insert, select the shape, switch to the Ribbon's Format tab, click the Inverted Triangle button for shape effects in the Shape style area, and in the Drop-down menu that appears, select the three-dimensional rotation option in the three-dimensional rotation option;

2, in the pop-up "Format Shape" dialog box, in the three-dimensional rotation options for the shape of the "X, Y, Z axis" coordinates set, for example, here we are set to "50, 60, 120";

3, return to the task of the three-dimensional format of the set, in the "Bevel" option area, the circle of the "top", "bottom" to set up, and then click "Off", for example, here we choose "loose embedding" and "Art decoration";

4, at this time a common circle has been set to have a three-dimensional sense of the circle, select the circle, the mouse to switch to the Animation tab, in the Animation option group Select "Custom Animation";

5, in the pop-up "Custom Animation" task pane, click "Add Effect" in the Drop-down menu that appears, select the "Action path" option in the "Other motion path" command;

6, in the pop-up "Add Action Path" dialog box, select the "special" area of "vertical number 8";

7, back to the presentation will be found in our graphics will be a "8" glyph of the dotted chart, the task pane in the beginning of the selection of the "click" can be;

Tip: When we play the slide, we need to click the circle position with the mouse, then you will find that the three-dimensional effect of the circle, will be in our presentation along the line "8" dotted line in the continuous movement.

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