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With two monitors in PPT2007, slide presenters can run other programs that viewers cannot see, and can access presenter views. The Presenter view provides the tools shown in Figure 1 to make the presentation process easier.

Figure 1 Using Presenter view

While a supported computer might be able to support more than two monitors, PPT2007 supports only two monitors for the presentation.

After entering presenter view, as shown in Figure 2, presenters can use thumbnails to select slides without order and to create a custom presentation for the audience. Previewing text lets users see what will be added to the screen the next time they click, such as a new slide or the next line of bulleted text in the list. In addition, note information for slides is displayed in a clear, large font so that they can be used as scripts for presentation.

Figure 2 Presenter view and audience-visible demo interface

The user can turn off the screen during the demo, and then return to where it left off. For example, a presenter might not want to show the contents of a slide while resting or answering a question.

In Presenter view, icons and buttons are so large that it is convenient to navigate, even if you are using an unfamiliar keyboard or mouse. Figure 3 shows the various tools that can be used in Presenter view.

Figure 3 Presenter View

1. Represents a slide thumbnail that you can click to jump to a slide or return to a slide that has already been demonstrated.

2. Is the slide that is currently being thought of as an audience demo.

3. Is the "End Show" button, you can click this button at any time to end the demo.

4. Is the "Black Screen" button, click the button, the audience will see the screen temporarily darkened, click the button again to demonstrate the current slide. It can also be achieved by tapping the keyboard "B" directly during the demo.

5. "Next", the next slide that the audience will see.

6. Click these buttons to move back and forth in your presentation.

7. Slide number (e.g. slide 7/17).

8. The time shown, in hours and minutes, from the beginning of the demo.

9. Speaker notes, which the user can use as a demo script.

1 Open multiple monitor support

To turn off multiple monitor support, select the second monitor, and then clear the Extend Windows desktop to this monitor check box. For more information about this procedure, you can see Microsoft Windows Help.

(1) on the Slide Show Command tab, in the Multiple monitors group, click Show Presenter View.

(2) In the Display Properties dialog box, on the Settings tab, click the Monitor icon that represents the presenter's monitor, and then select the use this device as the primary monitor check box.

2 showing the presentation at the same time on the computer and the projector

After you set up your monitor, open the presentation you want to show, and then do the following.

(1) On the slide show ribbon, in the Settings group, click the Set Slide Show button.

(2) in the Set Up Show dialog box, select the options you want, and then click OK.

(3) If you want to start a presentation, on the View menu, click Slide Show.

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