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If a presentation contains sensitive or confidential data, you can encrypt the file and use a password to protect the file. Encrypt an "encoding" of a file to make it impossible for anyone to view this file one by one whether it is from inside PowerPoint or using any other type of file browsing tool.

You can enter two separate passwords for a single file: Open the password for the permission and modify the password. Use the password to open permission to prevent unauthorized users from viewing files. Use the Modify permission password to prevent users from modifying the file.

You can use one or both passwords, or you may not use a password. For example, if you have a personal presentation that contains payroll information. You can then use the Open password to distribute passwords to the few key people in the human resources department who need access to this information. However, you can then use the password to modify the permissions to ensure that none of these people can modify the presentation while viewing the information.

For password on open permissions, you can specify the encryption method and password length. There are a lot of passwords available, and the difference is only meaningful for advanced technology users. However, if you do have a preference, you can select it when you choose to open the password for the permission.

To manage the password and other security settings for a file, follow these steps:

1. In the usual way, save the file in the Save As dialog box.

2. Click Tools, select General Options, and the General Options dialog box opens. As shown in Figure 3.11.

3. If you want to use the password to open permissions, enter in the password to open text box.

4. If you want to use the password to modify permissions, enter in the password to modify text box.

5. (optional) If you want to remove personal information from a file, such as deleting your name in the Author field of the Properties dialog box, select the Automatically delete personal information created in this file when saving check box.

Figure 3. 1 1 Set Password to prevent unauthorized access

6. (optional) If necessary, you can adjust the macro security level of PowerPoint (applied to all files, not just the current file) by clicking the Macro Security button, modifying the settings in the Trust Center, and then clicking OK when you have finished modifying them to return to the General Options dialog box.

7. Click "OK" button.

8. If you specify a password in step 3rd, a confirmation dialog box appears. Reenter the same password, and then click the OK button.

9. If you specify a password in step 4th, a confirmation dialog box appears. Reenter the same password, and then click the OK button.

10. Continue to complete the preservation in the normal manner.

The Password prompt box appears when you (or another user) opens the file. You must enter the open permission password to open the presentation file. Modifying the permissions password does not work. The correct input password, if you set a separate password to modify permissions, you will also receive the appropriate password input prompts. Here you can choose to enter the password to modify permissions, cancel or click the Read Only button to open the presentation in read-only mode.

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