PPT animation to make falling leaves

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The first step is to insert a leaf picture and place it on the canvas, select the leaves and add a "spin" to it (this animation is in the emphasis group). Double-click Spin in the animation pane to set parameters for it, as shown in the following illustration.

Next, select the leaves and click Add Animation on the toolbar to add basic rotation for it (this animation is in the Enter-gorgeous group). Double-click Basic rotation in the animation pane to set the parameters for the Effect tab, which takes the default parameters, and the Timing tab is the same as the Gyro spin parameter.

The third step, the same method for the leaves to add "Custom path" animation (this animation in the "Motion path" group), draw the path of the leaves, note that to exceed the size of the canvas, so that the falling leaves will be natural. Then set the parameters for it, as shown in the following figure.

The last step, the same way to make more leaves, adjust their paths, so that they fall along different tracks. Adjust the delay between the leaves and the leaves, so that sometimes the difference falls.

Ok, the leaves are falling to finish.

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