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The use of any software degree will have its own some shortcuts, familiar with the use of your work, the operation of the great help, greatly improve efficiency, a lot of things, how can own collection it, of course, to share to everyone slightly.

Shortcut keys to help us in the demo slides, do not need to stop the speech to debug the menu tool to switch the next one, skilled shortcuts will work for you add points, hurry to move hands, move pen! (This article shares the shortcut key encyclopedia applies to powerpoint2003/2007)

1. PowerPoint slide Show shortcut keys

When PowerPoint shows Full-screen mode, the user can manipulate only the right-click menu and Show button, at which point we can use the shortcut keys specifically to control the slide show.

Full Screen shortcut key: F5

N, Enter, PAGE DOWN, right arrow (→), down arrow (↓), or SPACEBAR: Perform the next animation or page change to the next slide

P, Page up, LEFT arrow (←), Up arrow (↑) or BACKSPACE: Perform previous animation or return to previous slide

+enter: Super link to slide

B or period: black screen or return slide show from black screen

W or comma: screen or return slide show from screen

s or plus: Stop or restart an automatic slide show

ESC, Ctrl+break, or hyphen (-): Exit Slide Show

E: Erase the comments on the screen

H: To the next hidden slide

T: Set a new time when rehearsing

O: Use the original setup time when rehearsing

M: Use mouse click to switch to the next slide while rehearsing

Press two mouse buttons at the same time for a few seconds: return to the first slide

Ctrl+p: Re-display the hidden pointer or change the pointer to a drawing pen

CTRL + A: Re-display the hidden pointer and change the pointer to an arrow

Ctrl+h: Hide pointers and buttons now

Ctrl+u: Hide pointers and buttons in 15 seconds

SHIFT+F10 (equivalent to right mouse button): Show right button shortcut menu

Shift+tab: Go to the last or previous hyperlink on a slide

Tab: Go to the first or next hyperlink on a slide

2. PowerPoint Edit shortcut keys

Here are a few shortcuts you can use to make and edit slides in PowerPoint, and remember these shortcuts to help you get more productive and quickly finish your slides.

Ctrl+t: Change character formatting between sentences, lowercase or uppercase

SHIFT+F3: Changing the case of letters

Ctrl+b: Apply bold formatting

Ctrl+u: Apply Underline

Ctrl+l: Application of Italic physique

CTRL + equals: Apply subscript formatting (automatically adjust spacing)

ctrl+shift+ Plus: Apply superscript formatting (automatically adjust spacing)

CTRL + SPACEBAR: Remove manual character formatting, subscript and superscript below

Ctrl+shift+c: Copy text formatting

Ctrl+shift+v: Pasting text formatting

Ctrl+e: Aligning paragraphs in the center

Ctrl+j: Align the ends of a paragraph

CTRL+L: Align the paragraph to the left

CTRL+R: Align the paragraph to the right

3, browse the Web presentation shortcut keys

The shortcut keys provided below are used for viewing Web presentations on the Internet for easy preview.

Tab: Toggles between hyperlinks in Web presentations, address bar, and Links bar

Shift+tab: Toggle between hyperlinks in a Web presentation, the address bar, and the links column in the opposite direction

Enter: Perform the mouse click action for the selected hyperlink

Space bar: Go to Next slide

Backspace: Go to Previous slide

4, through the mail to send ppt shortcut keys

After making a good slide, what shortcuts can we use to send the presentation by e-mail?

Alt+s: Send the active presentation as an e-mail message

Ctrl+shift+b: Open the Address Book

Alt+k: Select names in the To, Cc and BCC columns in the Address Book

Tab: Select the next box in the e-mail header, and select the message body if the last box in the e-mail header is active

Shift+tab: Select the previous field or button in the message header

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