ppt How to copy a seal

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ppt How to copy a seal

In the PPT to make imitation of the seal effect, although not the true seal of the role, but sometimes as a text of the presentation style, animation components are very good. Also, when you actually have a document with the original seal, you can easily use the method in this tutorial and use PowerPoint to copy a seal to your electronic document if you want the electronic file to be stamped but not easy to scan. The PPT technique of imitation seal effect can show ancient meaning in many times. The so-called antique do old, and not necessarily blindly imitate do the old effect, in a lot of time to convey a certain mood can be. The method is simple and the effect is atmospheric.

1, according to the seal of the appearance of the chop to decompose, they are: circular, pentagram and single double line. Font selection: Founder of the United States Black simplified.

2, in the PPT interface of the "Insert" column click "Shape" submenu, you can see a lot of custom graphics, which can be set in the pentagram, circles and lines. The "Round" shape is under the "Basic Shape" column; "The shape of the star and the banner" under the column; The line is also under the Insert column. When you want to insert a "positive" shape, you can hold down the SHIFT key and then stretch.

3, the single two-line setting after inserting the line right click, choose "Format Shape" submenu, will appear the line "compound type", can be set up there. (can also be set to two lines, one thick and one thin)

4, finally in accordance with the pattern of the seal, draw a ring, pentagram, line combination, and fill in the text content, and then combined to prepare for the next brush art effect.

5. The overall copy of the seal is copied and pasted into the picture format. Add the art effect to the first row of the top-right "line chart" effect for the picture version of the seal.

6, can also be produced by other artistic effects of different imitation seal, we can try their own.

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