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In the PPT demonstration work process, how realizes clicks the small picture to see the big picture namely clicks the thumbnail to display the big image randomly the effect?

In order to show a brand car, need to do PowerPoint slides to the big customers to demonstrate the brand's various models of cars and internal structure, the specific requirements is this: in PowerPoint first show a variety of cars in the omission of small pictures, if the customer is interested in which car, click on the small thumbnail can see the big picture. Faced with this problem, the following gives a good solution, have similar needs of friends can refer to.


First insert a new presentation in the slide page and fill the picture, you can automatically fit the size and position of the object frame without considering the original size of the picture, and then add other Microsoft PowerPoint presentation objects to the slide in the same way. Until you add all the pictures you need, press Ctrl+d to copy and paste out multiple presentation objects to increase operational efficiency.

This effect is easily achieved using the method of inserting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation object.

Insert New Presentation

Open PowerPoint 2010, go to the blank slide page where you want to make the thumbnail effect, click insert → object, open the Insert Object dialog box, click New, select Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in the object type, click OK button (Figure 1), insert a new presentation on the slide page.

Clever use of background pictures

After the insert succeeds, an object frame similar to "picture" appears in the change slide editing area. This is the presentation you just inserted, select the object frame to see 8 black control focus in the slide edit area, drag it, resize it, and then drag the object frame to the appropriate location. Right-click, select Set Background format in the pop-up menu, and then select picture or texture fill in the Fill option (Figure 2).

Next you can select the picture you want to add from the file, clipboard, or clip art, click File, select the picture file you want to insert, and then click the Close button to complete the first picture setting.

This use of "fill" function to add a picture, you can not consider the original size of the picture, added to automatically adapt to the size and position of the object frame.

Efaro Add a picture

Add other Microsoft PowerPoint presentation objects to the slide in the same way. Fill in the picture you want until you have filled in all the pictures you need (Figure 3), so that the thumbnail image of the larger picture is complete, and when you show it, just click on the picture of the car on the slide, Automatically open the picture's full screen clear large image.

If it is more time-consuming to add a filled picture to a single sheet, you can first add a set of Presentation objects, press Ctrl+d to copy and paste multiple presentation objects, and then drag them to their respective positions, and then simply reset the background fill picture for each presentation with the previous method.

To avoid embarrassment when demonstrating, you can click the Toggle tab to remove the "mouse click" under "Swap". This can avoid the player's mouse inadvertently not point to the small figure, but point to the small space outside the map, the presentation may jump directly to the next slide, you need to jump to the next page , the keyboard can be used to achieve the space bar.

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