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We usually insert a video hyperlink or other video format in ppt, may want to insert Flash's friend does not understand the operation, in fact also quite simple, as long as the control is good, the following is the PPT Insert Flash tutorial steps.

PowerPoint how to add flash ppt Insert Flash tutorial

1, insert Flash file by inserting-object-from file, as shown

2, select the inserted object, once again-insert-action Settings-activate Content (Action Settings option can choose to click the mouse or mouse)

3. When you click the inserted file object (or the mouse passes) when you show the PPT, you can play the SWF file.

This PPT inserts the principle of the Flash method:

Not only can you insert SWF type files through objects, but you can insert other types of files, such as PPT, PDFs, videos, sounds, and so on. The activation and display of external files is realized by action settings, which can reduce the impact on the PPT show compared with the external files inserted by the link.

The advantage of this method is also reflected in the improvement of the Flash file reliability, not because of control problems or link path problems caused by the failure of the normal playback phenomenon (do not insert the file as a link, unless you can ensure that the directory is consistent)

Disadvantage: Flash file activation and playback rely on Flash Player, if the computer does not have Flash Player is not normal playback (general computer, Flash Player in the PC share of more than 90%)

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