PPT makes exquisite crystal effect Organization chart

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The diagram below is the organization chart that we want to make, and give us the process of making the production.

First we draw a cube with perspective, which explains that although PowerPoint2010 has cubes in the Insert-> shape menu, but cannot add 3D effects to it, we use hand-drawn methods to draw the six sides of the cube separately, Insert a rectangle, right-click "edit point" to adjust the shape of the rectangle, the same way to draw six faces and shadows, to form a cube.

Fill the color for each face and shadow of the cube, note that the fill transparency of each surface is different, the bottom and right are not filled.

Add three-dimensional effects with the same parameters as "top: round; width: 3; Height: 1", bottom and right side without three-dimensional effect.

Combine cubes, change colors for them, make small cubes of light blue and light gray, and arrange the positions well. Insert an elbow connector and a straight line to connect a good organization chart.

A fine Crystal 3D organization Chart is done.

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