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First, the PPT typesetting skill: The image arrangement Alignment principle: Includes the alignment, the left alignment, the right alignment and so on alignment.

PPT Layout tips: Image layout Alignment principle of the bottom alignment:

PPT Layout tips: Image layout Alignment principle of the picture page internal alignment:

Second, up and down the composition of the principle: the more common form, will be divided into the upper and lower sections of the layout, some of which with pictures, and the other part with the text form.

Top and bottom composition principle: When the picture needs to be arranged up and down, there are some basic principles. When enumerating the characters, the level is high and the level is lower.

Third, the position of the upper and lower positions of the picture where to put it? The upper and lower arrangement needs to take into account the reality, such as the size of space, the right to the top of the sky, the sea below, in line with the conventional visual habits.

Another principle of putting the map is: under the Human object. Although the specific original image of the author is not very clear, such as the following map after the change at least will not give a person a head burger feeling.

Four, the picture on one side, the other side on the picture description or small picture, so there is a strong contrast of light and shade, the effect is more appropriate.

Character orientation and to express the meaning of a close relationship, such as the bottom right of the image to embrace the text, according to their own attempts to the right bit, it will be the right side of the graphic display effect better.

The atmosphere of the conversation created after the change was even thicker.

The diagonal type Composition principle: is a kind of lively composition form, when needs to express the element to be few, may use to produce the emphasis function.

Vi. break-through constraint typesetting: using color block to assist

Breakthrough constraint typesetting: Outstanding Features

Breaking through constraint typesetting: bleeding schemata

Seven, how to match the graphics and text: Usually, we use the picture generally divided into two kinds, small map or fill the entire picture, the two pictures and text collocation have their own different forms.

Small picture graphics and text collocation: the layout, but the graphics and text emissions are messy, but emissions attention to primary and secondary relationship obviously prominent.

Small graphics and text collocation: Picture specifications are different, slightly inflexible, lack of flexibility, disorderly arrangement sometimes more vigorous, more natural and beautiful arrangement.

Eight, the whole picture and text collocation: direct combination. Direct combination of graphics and text, the most basic and quickest way. Using this method, selecting a diagram is the key, and whether you can find a background image with a large color consistency determines whether you can use this method.

Full picture and text collocation: direct combination. including word processing, text gestures, text color selection, the text of the eye.

All graphics and text collocation: Add a mask, add a layer of translucent mask, add text on the mask, to highlight the text, the color of the mask is slightly dim than the background color, you need to set the transparency.

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