PPT2007 How to make a stereo map?

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In daily life or work, we often meet with a number of stereo maps, especially in some promotional materials if you can use a three-dimensional map, it is really a lot of color.

Today we will introduce you how to make three-dimensional map by PPT2007. The effect is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Effect chart

The specific production steps are as follows:

The first step: make the plane map

First find a map, vector maps or bitmaps are OK. Then take the map as the backplane and use the "insert"-"freeform" tool to outline the map along the edge of the map. This is the key step, note must be a one-time outline of success, the middle can not be interrupted, such as the map produced by a number of maps 3D rendering will appear after the "crack", can not be used more than "free curve" or "free arc" connection, otherwise produced map is only curve rather than closed graphics, 3D rendering only the edge of three-dimensional, but the surface can not be rendered. Therefore, the higher the display resolution before the tracing the more convenient, tracing process even if not accurate to take shape.

Adjust the map curve made in the previous step to be more accurate by "edit vertex".

Step two: Make stereo effect

Right-click to select the Map curve "format shape", adjust the "line shape", "Fill Color", "three-dimensional" depth (create a sense of thickness), and finally in the "three-dimensional rotation" to select the appropriate "perspective" or "tilt" effect to create a stereoscopic. This step is mainly based on your personal feelings, all involved in the "three-dimensional" option to do the 3D rendering adjustment, each step must run at least 1-2 minutes to see the results.

Step three: Save as a picture

The resulting 3D map, although beautiful, is not practical, because PPT2007 open the page containing this map at least 1 minutes, there is no practical value. Select Save as picture on the 3D map as a PNG file, and this step will take at least 1 minutes.

Delete the 3D map and transfer the PNG image you just saved to use.

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