PPT2010 Line chart with better production effect

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The production method is as follows:

1, insert the chart, select the line chart with data markers in the line tutu.

2, according to the following figure to modify the data source, the series of data to the actual sales data. Delete the data for Series 2 and series three. Here's how to do this:

The following results are obtained:

3, remove unnecessary title, legend and so on. Here's how to do this:

4, add vertical grid lines.

5, modify the axis options. Adjust the scale value to remove tick marks.

The following results are obtained:

6, Bold polyline, and add shadows. The data marker fill, line color, marker color, and so on are changed to orange; the line width, the marker style width changes to 3 points, and the shadow is set to the bottom right offset.

7, add data labels. Select "Above".

8, set the plot area format "gradient fill." Add title text and adjust text formatting.

Summing up, through this case, we can sum up two points of harvest. 1, the line chart by adjusting the size of the scale, display mode, etc. as far as possible to remove unnecessary grid lines. 2, by changing the background, bold polyline, to the line plus shadow, and so on, let the polyline display more clearly.

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