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First, in a certain configuration of the scene, some objects appear to be graphics and background, generally speaking, graphics and background of the distinction is very large, the graphics can be prominent and become our perceptual object.

Second, contrast and similarity: according to want to express the final focus of control picture good text and pictures, trunk and non trunk Color contrast is very important to highlight the center.

Contrast and similarity: if the distance between the parts is equal, but the color is different, then the same color part is naturally combined into the whole, which means that the similar parts are easy to form the whole.

By using the similarity of color, you can let the reader quickly understand your central level and keep up with your ideas.

Third, the principle of gathering: the same shading elements more compact, conducive to the audience to understand the speaker's ideas.

Visual Focus: To create a visual focus on short-term, the use of visual inertia to create focus, to present important content.

Visual Focus: Break the queue, when the reader sees a queue, but the inserted text as a point of interest to attract the reader's attention, this is not what you want?

Put the important information on the focus,

Concise principle: Too much adornment will let the audience go astray, simplicity is beauty.

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