Practical application of wireless routers in Wireless Networks

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At present, many cities have already covered wireless networks. As an important part of wireless networks, wireless routers are expected to improve their technology. WEP encryption is the most common encryption method in the 802.11 series wireless networks.

I log on to the management interface of the wireless network node again through the IE browser, find the security option, and choose to enable the WEP encryption function (this function is usually disabled in the factory settings of the wireless network node ), enter a hexadecimal character (the character must be 0 ~ 9 or ~ F) as an encrypted string (the encrypted string must be well remembered and cannot be connected to a wireless network node after it is lost), save the settings and restart the wireless network node (depending on the WEP type, the number of digits of the encrypted string is also different. Usually 64-bit encryption requires a 10-digit string, while 128-bit encryption requires a 26-digit string ).

After the restart, the wireless network adapter cannot be connected to the wireless network node. Now you need to modify "wireless network connection attributes ". Select "Network neighbors", "properties", and "Wireless Network Connection Properties", and then select "wireless network configuration ". Find your own wireless network node in the available network. If there are no other wireless network nodes nearby, only one network should be listed here. Otherwise, other nearby wireless networks will also be listed.

Next, click "attribute" to activate "Data Encryption (WEP enabled, enter the encrypted string in the "Network key" and "Confirm network key" columns below, and then click "OK ", the wireless network adapter can be correctly connected to the wireless network node.

Experience Sharing

Generally, the 802.11 series of wireless network products have good compatibility. Most wireless network adapters and wireless routers do not have compatibility problems. But for stability considerations, for high requirements, I suggest using the same brand of wireless routers and wireless network interfaces. The load-bearing wall of reinforced concrete has a strong obstacle to wireless signals. Therefore, for the "duplex" residential and Villa-type home environment, the best solution is to configure a wireless router for each layer. In practical application, the indoor AP coverage can be up to 30 meters.

The actual usage rate of 802.11b is only about 40% of the nominal value, and the converted data transmission rate is about 64/128 kb/s. If it is set to-bit WEP encryption, the transmission rate will be further reduced, therefore, you must pay more attention to interference during use and try to stay away from microwave ovens, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. If the wireless signal is suddenly weak, no physical changes are made. You can try to change the wireless channel or add an external antenna.

Windows XP has built-in support for WLAN, Which is plug-and-play and easy to use and set. Windows 98, Windows ME, and windows are inferior to Windows XP in terms of stability and ease of use for wireless networks, and occasionally conflict with each other. Therefore, if the hardware configuration is high enough, use Windows XP as much as possible. At the same time, it should be noted that the operating system before Windows 95 (including Windows 95) does not support Wi-Fi.

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