Practical Skills: PhP intercepts Chinese strings

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Introduction: this is a practical skill: A detailed page for PHP to intercept Chinese strings. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code.

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BelowCodeIt was tested in gb2312 encoding. intercepting Chinese strings is a headache in PHP. The solution is to determine whether the value is a double byte character based on whether the value is greater than or equal to 128 to avoid garbled characters. However, problems such as Chinese and English mixing and special symbols always exist. Now we write a comprehensive one for your reference only:


1. The LEN parameter is based on Chinese characters. 1len is equal to 2 English characters.

2. If the magic parameter is set to false, the Chinese character and English character count are equivalent.

3. Special character strings that have been encoded with htmlspecialchars ()

4. Can correctly process the gb2312 entity character mode (

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