[Practice 13] How to make the project summary more effective?

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The benefits summarized in stage have been mentioned in the joint debugging phase. This helps you to clarify your work ideas, propose suggestions for improving the project team, and learn other good practices to improve yourself. When everyone sums up the gains and losses together, the team relationship will become closer. In addition, more in-depth Defect Prevention advocates that everyone has their own job checklist, including common errors. This is also from Defect Prevention.
However, the problem facing the summary is that most programmers are not good at summing up such experiences, or are not good at expressing such experiences. This is a difficult execution problem. It is not complicated to do this well. You can refer to the following ideas:
I. organize the meeting and participate in the whole project teamHow to deal with the output of a job will determine everyone's enthusiasm for it. Programmers spend most of their time dealing with computers. Apart from a few technical experts who hold some training sessions, we rarely have the opportunity to stand on the podium and explain our ideas and experiences in our work. The opportunity is rare and expensive. If you want to explain your summary to the team at a meeting, this will become very precious. Programmers are a group that attaches great importance to their reputation. In this way, we have a strong desire to do this well. After all, everyone wants to show their good side under the eyes of the whole team's siblings. Just as the detailed design will help us clarify the code writing ideas, the summary will help to summarize the gains and losses and clarify our work ideas. Most of the time, it is not the team's ability to do a good job, but lack some traction.
Ii. Give a PPT TemplateSpeaking PPT is one of the best ways to share and summarize. In this process, the author of PPT is usually the most beneficial. He can further deepen his summary when writing and speaking PPT. In order to guide you to think about the problem dimension, you can give the basic template of the PPT in advance. This also has another advantage. It sounds easier for people who listen to other people to share it, because the template is the same, everyone has a similar process of thinking, so we can make a comparison.
Iii. Summary of coordination timeThere is a willingness to write a summary, and there are ideas (templates). Time is the constraint for the rest. Writing a summary requires a consistent time to think about it. If it is still called to check bugs, the quality and mood are not good. Therefore, it is a good way to summarize the current project work for half a day. Of course, if the team atmosphere is very good, you can also sort it out on weekends.
Iv. Timely feedback of suggestionsIn the summary, the project manager should give a reply directly at the meeting site, adopt or fail to adopt or need to discuss it later. The items to be discussed must be provided with feedback within 24 hours after the meeting so that a positive loop can be formed.

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