Practice and discussion of "Introduction" in the first chapter of modern software engineering

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1. Like Chiu, spend 20 minutes writing a "software" that can automatically generate the arithmetic of a primary school, and compare the functions of each program with the students, the similarities and differences between the methods of implementation and so on. (Su Zhihua)

7, some people think, "Chinese programming" is to solve the efficiency of Chinese programmer programming a secret weapon, is it a "silver bullet"? (Su Zhihua)

  Chinese programming does not mean that programs are made by The composition of Chinese characters, but also in its compilation technology to master, so programming and compiling for the unified development, indispensable. However, the broad and profound Chinese, often appear ambiguous and regional differences,

9. Read the entire textbook quickly, list 5-10 questions you don't understand, and post it on your personal blog. (Su Zhihua)


12. We are not talking about the software engineering in the vacuum, it should run on the hardware chip, talking about the development history of the computer chip. (Su Zhihua)

just as software needs to run on a hardware chip, the prerequisite for a good software is hardware compatibility. The birth of computer chips in development is known as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Chip technology determines the speed of the development of computers, each generation of chip technology, leading to the birth of a new generation of computers. Semiconductor technology itself represents a major breakthrough in science, the world's first modern computer ENIAC "Brain" is the first computer chip. With the passage of time, the micro-processing chip to promote the development of the Times, the Intel company launched 4004, 8080 and other chips completely triggered the computer industry revolution, the computer is no longer known as the "monster", they have to enter the tens of thousands of people to create the necessary conditions. In 1981, IBM's PC used Intel's 8088 microprocessor, which is the two companies to the heyday of the position. 1993, the advent of the Intel Pentium processor, announced that the personal computer began to enter the multimedia era, and thus promote the world's Internet development and globalization trends. For China, although China is the world's largest manufacturing country, the world's first trade country, the global mobile phones and computers are mostly made in China, but each year imports more than 200 billion U.S. dollars of chips, the entire integrated circuit industry is constrained by Europe and the United States, China's chip development still has a small challenge. But China to self-reliance, the spirit of hard work vigorously research and development of independent technology has been engaged in chip research, June 20, 2016, the new issue of the global Super Computer 500 list, the use of China's independent chip manufacturing "Divinity Taihu Lake Light" to replace "Tianhe second" to the top, This undoubtedly shows that our country's chip technology has developed gradually. Can be a contemporary university students, especially software engineering students, or to objectively and comprehensively recognize the hardware and software gap between China and the world power, and constantly explore, in order to do better planning for the future.

Practice and discussion of "Introduction" in the first chapter of modern software engineering

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