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Network problems have always been a concern of internet users. Problems arising from a single computer with no connection or slow speed are all well solved. However, with the Vista platform, the network is facing the problem of LAN networking and sharing across new platforms. Is it the same as that of windows and Windows XP? Many users are unable to confirm the problem without personal experience.

Build a network

Today, I have used two computers to build a network for the two machines. I use Windows Vista and Windows XP as the platform to achieve interconnection between the local area network, and hope to solve the Sharing Problem between Vista and other systems. First, prepare two computers with the operating system installed. One is Vista and the other is XP. Then, make a pair of twisted wires and routers, and connect the two computers using the network cable as usual, after completing the preceding steps, you can set the parameters.

I. Windows Firewall settings

First open the control panel of the Vista system and click Windows Firewall in Security (allowProgramWindows Firewall), and in the example, select file and printer sharing, and then select network discovery. If this option is not selected, that is, when the Vista platform accesses computers on other networks and is accessed by other computers, it will become unable to connect to the host. Therefore, we need to enable the network discovery function to automatically find a third-party computer. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Ii. File Sharing and Service Startup

Next, Open Control Panel-network and Internet-to set file sharing, and check whether file sharing, printer sharing, and public folder sharing are enabled on the computer. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 (click to view the larger image)

Enter services. MSC calls up the service item, sets the server under it as automatic, and manually starts the service. If this item cannot be started, the computer cannot support file, print, and named pipe sharing through the network.

Then, change the Workstation Service to Automatic startup to ensure that the connection between the client network and the remote server is created and maintained through the SMB protocol. If you want to allow XP and Vista to communicate with each other in the network neighbors, you must start the computerbrowser service to refresh and maintain the network computer update list.


Here, the IP address is obtained using a route. Therefore, you must determine whether the dhcpclient is enabled to allow the system to correctly obtain the IP address from the router. If it is not enabled, the computer will not be able to receive Dynamic IP addresses and DNS updates. If this service is disabled, all services explicitly dependent on it cannot be started.
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