"Practice" Creating a new virtual machine

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-----Select Image

-----The virtual machine naming and installation location (the name of my new virtual machine is host02, the location is a new folder in the D drive d:\host02)

----Set the disk size

-----Choose your custom hardware

-----Setting up memory

------Set up a network (I chose host only, Master mode only)

-----Setup is complete, the next step is good

-----, just go in and enter.






------New, three times (/boot: General 100m,/swap: Twice times of memory,/: all left to root)

------After the end of the division, next.

------Here is the network settings, click Edit

------Manual Change Manual ... OK, next.


------time zone to find Shanghai, next

------Here is the password confirmation for root setting next

------Install software Now

------Desktop tools are selected

------Games, sounds and the like, you don't have to choose.

------Development tools are basically selected, I did not choose Ruby

-----System Tools Selected

------The rest is optional, next is fine.

------Need to wait here




------Firewall off, disable

------down this one too, disable.

------Default, Forward

-----default, Forward

------Default, Forward

------Default, Forward

------Default, Finsh

This time the Linux system is finished.

"Practice" Creating a new virtual machine

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