Practice Job 4:web Test Practice (group work) Daily Task record 1

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Meeting time: December 25, 2017

Venue: Software College North Building Laboratory 303

Moderator: Kobayashi

Participants: Kobayashi, Xiao Chen, Xiao Li, xiao He, Xiao Si, xiao Dai

Meeting Recorder: Xiao Dai

Meeting topic: Learn about the newly released experiment content and assign tasks

1. Selected products to be tested

Our group Web test selected site is: School-related website, the test object for Huazhong University of Science and Technology computer and scientific College website Http:// and determined to the homepage, college profile, faculty, academic research, personnel organization, Students work, undergraduate education and several modules of the test.

2, choose the direction of the assessment

Our group plans to first of the basic performance analysis, around the main function of the product under test, combined with competing products, respectively, to carry out comparative function analysis; In addition, the GUI interface test, select some pages, according to certain interface specifications, to expand the GUI interface analysis. The tested products and selected competing products need to be compared and analyzed. The main operating interface should be given, and the text description, fully reflect the security of the comparative analysis.

3, User research

Research method: Questionnaire, need to make Word version of the questionnaire

Research object: Software level 17 students

4, analyzing the problem

After the above work is done, we need cobwebs to evaluate the defects of the software, whether it is the interface design or the functional problem, and ultimately decide if the software is worth recommending.

5, Task assignment

Kobayashi: Select a test product (requires consideration of post-writable), the basic function of the analysis;

Small division: Select B. Front-end performance analysis, c. security analysis D. GUI interface test one of the answers;

Xiaohe, Xiao Chen: Stage Two: User research, Stage three: give quantitative and qualitative conclusions;

Xiao Li: Stage four: Analysis and answer questions;

Xiao Dai: daily regular Meeting blog record;

Practice Job 4:web Test Practice (group work) Daily Task record 1

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