Practice tells you in addition to 360/Baidu cloud disk, how to do personal cloud storage

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from "not off".

As early as the last wave of cloud disk closed tide,cloud disk to imply that everyone "will not close", suggesting that the method is very interesting, please see

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who knows, in a blink of an eye, the recent 360 cloud disk suddenly announced the shutdown service, and asked everyone to backup cloud disk content before the specified deadline. (It's just a matter of words.)

It is also said that the 360 cloud disk is just a severance free user, later on-line payment or Enterprise Edition service ...

Well, now it's time for a cloud to start responding "It won't turn off".

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see this interface, I want to tell 360 is, I am good fart ah, all the files, I have downloaded a lot of days before 37% ...

I do not know when to download the finished.

Take a look at this download speed, I want to give myself a slap!!

A friend who uses a cloud disk

a friend used to be "Jinshan fast plate", the fast disk closed to the "not off" of the 360 cloud disk, thought from this can last forever ..., (the result is "everlasting sometimes do"), 360 cloud disk again shut down, now is helpless, side from "unlimited Speed" Cloud disk to salvage data (if you smile, most know what I'm talking about), while questioning my Rp.

His distress is not knowing who the next cloud disk can trust. will not use which home, which will shut down? (say, if he really has this strength, but also the various manufacturers scramble for the object Ah!) )

Or? Back to the age of backup data for small drives? In fact, there are engraved discs, the age of the floppy disk. Dare not say too much, is simply exposed age AH. For example, how many people have seen? At the end of this article there is a history of human record storage for reference.

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of course, we do not have to go back to the "Stone Age, since came to the Internet era, firmly believe that" methods than problems, "for our study of efficiency tools," old driver ", has long seen through these routines, the following summed up some exclusive views and share to everyone, Everyone should bimbos to find the solution they like ("Bimbos" is what?) )

First come to the conclusion

Never waste our precious time,

The first conclusion, the choice of cloud Disk principle: (In fact, it is also suitable for many other things you choose)

(1) No restrictions are free, in fact, the most expensive

(2) as far as possible to choose to focus on this service, do not choose the ensemble service

(3) do not like to toss the youth, please keep in mind the above two golden principles, save time and effort

(4) like to toss the youth, you are free to play, because there are too many other methods abound

We don't always like the chicken soup with the light of reason. Therefore, the following will compare and recommend some of the actual cloud disk and services for your reference and practice.

Principle Chapter

(1) No restrictions are free, in fact, the most expensive

"There is no free lunch", to the current technology, a cloud disk to come to you, unlimited speed, unlimited capacity, key or no charge, but also to provide you with everlasting service, what is the spirit of it?

From a business perspective, a service that cannot be self-sustaining is not worth the choice of saying well. The buyer also has to pay for the high cost of cleaning up the mess because it says shut-off is stopped.

It must be said that the Internet free economy, can let the third party subsidy Ah, for personal data privacy and security sensitivity considerations, it is best not to let others subsidies ah, who subsidies, who the use of these data more powerful voice, most people do not want their own stored content to be peer-reviewed, censored or analyzed to advertise it.

After all, my data, is my data, not because the deposit in other people's safe in the change of others, even if the free to leave me will not change this.

As a result, you'll end up paying more for yourself. Don't pound foolish.

(2) as far as possible to choose to focus on this service, do not choose the ensemble service

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Sushi God, dedicated to the production of sushi for decades, the embodiment of the ingenuity

with this principle you can sift out a large number of cloud disk service providers. So this article will not recommend the remaining ensemble manufacturers of cloud disk. Not to say that the companies behind those clouds must be bad (some companies ' "Three views" may be really not very good), because even a great company like Google, also on a lot of projects, was eventually cut down by one by one.

Its essential reason is: The factory can test water can ensemble ...

"Cloud Disk" is probably just a perfunctory service, and the main relationship is not very big, can take advantage of the "tuyere" up the best, do not care, the most close service, such as: "A degree"

So, it's important that you choose a cloud disk that focuses on this path.

just like you eat sushi, the conditions permit, of course, to enjoy the dozens of Toshihisa division of the "God of sushi" services provided. It doesn't matter if you can't eat it, but you say you want to eat the so-called professional sushi made by the black and black guy who's next door to the Indian fly pie. "The God of sushi" sushi to be worthy of their own signs, fly cake boy sushi let you eat spit three days, the big deal stop sushi service, continue to do fly cake.

Practice Comparison

The last one, suitable for hands-on ability than strong, but also the most reliable approach: with the current home bandwidth and personal computer upgrade, you might as well try to make a private cloud disk, using the Intranet to penetrate (the small partners who used our magic tunnels are already laughing in their mouths), Use your home computer as a server, and then synchronize with multiple parties.

PS: How to turn their home computer into their own private cloud disk, the recent will be sorted out solutions for everyone, please always pay attention to me Oh!

finally: I hope you find the right cloud disk !

For more information and updates on the 0-empty information, please follow the public number: 0 Air Technology & Magic Tunnel

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Practice tells you in addition to 360/Baidu cloud disk, how to do personal cloud storage

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