Pragmatism and retreat: My point of view

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I wrote this post to learn more about Chinaasp development in recent months.
Everyone has also read the posts of bean curd and other people. He complained that many people on the Forum are asking for less.
In my opinion, most people are pragmatic, rather than virtual services. Just like in the current jar, we can see that JoyASP and Java are full of people, software engineering, project management, and so on.
Being Pragmatic is to discuss a technical problem and solve a technical problem. It is mainly because of the difficulties encountered during project development and is eager for help. Of course, there are many people in the forum. Why not solve the problem immediately?
Wu Xu explores some development ideas, software engineering models, and project management methods, rather than starting from a specific need.
I think pragmatism is the main way for you to generate quantitative changes, while retreat is the fundamental factor for qualitative changes. If you are so pragmatic, you may always be a programmer, it is impossible to fundamentally change, and as the age increases, it is bound to be eliminated by fresh blood.
So if you have some time, please do more things, so that you will accumulate more and more, in a certain period of time, to achieve a qualitative change.
I think of another analogy. Being Pragmatic is like a dose of Western medicine. It can immediately relieve the pain, but retreat is more like a dose of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even if you are not ill, you can exercise well.
Of course, do not be confused.

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