Precautions for designing a class chart

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Article 6 (for discussion)

1. Although class diagrams can have many relationships and annotations, the design should be as concise as possible. The initial design: Class, interface, association, generalization, multipiclity, attribute, and operation is enough, occasionally, you can consider event/Delegate and attribute
2. abstract class is not necessarily necessary in the initial design. After expansion based on the interface, abstract class is often a matter of course. 3. Although driven by domain-driven design, more and more people are beginning to use the class chart design field, but the class chart should first focus on the center of gravity or several points of focus, rather than the so-called full, so-called look-Good
4. select several key charts to find the most useful ones with less image points, but keep them updated frequently.
5. maintain only the necessary connections and use less dependency as much as possible. Otherwise, it is easy to generate circular dependencies when more dependency is added.
6. The association class can be temporarily replaced by notation.

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