Precautions for installing Sybase on Linux platforms

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1. For a dual-host system, the code is installed on the local disk, and the database device is mounted on the array.
By default, Sybase code is installed under/opt/sybase-12.5
Under the/opt directory, create the sybase-12.5 directory
# Mkdir sybase-12.5
Set the moint point of the disk array to/sybdata
The database devices created later are all created on/sybdata.
2. Create a sybase user
Use a graphical interface and management tools to create sybase users. Note that the home directory of Sybase users is set to/opt/sybase-12.5, and the shell is set to bsh.
3. Modify the/opt/sybase-12.5 and/sybdata host to sybase
# Chown sybase/opt/sybase-12.5
# Chown sybase/sybdata
4. Change the value of "target =" _ blank "> linux shared memory, in MB
For example, the system has 2 GB of memory and is allocated to sybase 1.5 GB.
# Echo '2017*1500*1024 'bc>/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
Check whether it is effective and executable
# Ipcs Clm grep 'max seg size'
To ensure that the shared memory settings take effect permanently, add the following line to the/etc/rc. d/rc. local file:
Echo '2017*1500*1024 'bc>/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
5. For dual-host systems, we recommend that you first generate a logical IP address and bind it to the logical IP address when installing the database.
For example, the local Nic is eth0, the IP address is, the host name is dataserver1, the logical IP address is, and the host name is dataserver.
Graphical interface
# RedHat-config-network add one more IP address to eth0, Which is, and activate this Nic.
The command line method should also work.
# Ifconfig eth0: 1 netmask dataserver
Finally, run ifconfig to check whether the new IP Address has taken effect.
In addition, if you want to modify the/etc/hosts file on both servers, add the following records: dataserver
Dataserver is the name of the database server.

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