Precautions for using mojoportal on a LAN or a single machine

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Precautions for using mojoportal on a LAN or a single machine

When you can connect to the Internet, mojoportal works normally, but if you can only connect

Some additional work needs to be done when the local area network or local machine is running.

This is because we use Yui JavaScript library and jquery. We didn't release mojoportal

Contains these two libraries, because this will increase the size of the downloaded files. By default, the system will load them from Google CDN.


1: Download yui2.6.0 or later

2: copy the build folder from Yui, copy it to the/clientscript folder, and name it yui260 or another one.

3: In the Web. config file, set <add key = "usegooglecdn" value = "false"/>

4: Modify the relevant path. Take our yui260 as an example.

<Add key = "yuibasepath" value = "~ /Clientscript/yui260/"/>
<Add key = "yuitabcss" value = "~ /Clientscript/yui260/assets/skins/SAM/tabview.css "/>
<Add key = "yuiskinimagepath" value = "/clientscript/yui260/assets/skins/SAM/"/>

5. Download jquery. The latest version is 1.3.2. Therefore, I have created a/clientscript/jquery132 file.

Jqquery-1.3.2.min, put it in this folder, and name it jquery. Min. js

6. Set the correct path as follows:
<Add key = "jquerybasepath" value = "~ /Clientscript/jquery132/"/>
7. Download The jquery UI file, put the JS folder into jqueryui17, and 17 can be replaced by the actual version number.

Rename jquery-x.x.x.custom.min.js to jquery-ui.min.js
In the configuration file, the settings are as follows:

<Add key = "jqueryuibasepath" value = "~ /Clientscript/jqueryui17/"/>

Versions later than mojoportal2341 may no longer use Yui, so you can skip steps 1-4.

In addition, the jqueryui topic is set in jqueryuithemename = "South-street" in layout. master.


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