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The air is filled with the fragrance of roses, and the audio is filled with intoxicating music-the exclamation point on the G String. This is my favorite melody. Behind me is the eyes of my lover. Although I can't see it, but I can feel that she has been looking at my back affectionately. In such an intoxicating atmosphere, I am debugging my program. This is already the last BUG, the surrounding environment is pleasant, and the luck of people in this environment seems exceptionally good. I fixed this issue easily, with the press of "F5, today's work has come to an end. She has a considerate cup of Blue Mountains coffee, "Come, peak, pick up, relax", the fragrance of roses, intoxicating music, lover's passionate eyes and considerate, In the misty mist of coffee, I was drunk, and how many people can not indulge in it ???
After reading this, I believe that my colleagues are just as intoxicated as I am, and even jealous of me. In fact, not only do we look at "cool", but I write very well in such a work environment, it is indeed the dream of all programmers, but it is a pity that the above scenes are fabricated by me, which is almost impossible in reality. Let's return to reality.
Night, late at night, I am alone (no one else, no rose, no music, although I Want To Have) in the office to revise the BUG in the program, tomorrow to show the customer, so I only spent one night. Since other colleagues in the group are new college students, it is difficult to undertake such a business, so the "head" gave me this idea. In fact, there are no other candidates, and this is a dead command. It must be done before dawn. It has been around 2 o'clock in the morning, and there are about 4 hours. The pressure of time is driving me crazy, and it is even harder to find bugs under this pressure. I am still struggling, but there is no way to do this. I tried to press "F5" and prayed, "Pass it! I can't support it anymore !", However, it seems that the prayer is useless. After the execution window appears, there is no response. I called out the task manager and found that the process of this program accounts for of the CPU usage. Based on experience, I decided that there may be an endless loop in the program, this is troublesome. I don't have good performance analysis tools at hand, and I am not familiar with the related tools. Besides, I don't have much time to study. Now I think it's too late, so I decided to perform troubleshooting manually. Fortunately, there were only more than 20 related loops in the program. So I checked each loop carefully and tried several times, the problem was finally discovered by me. It turned out to be "I" in a loop, incorrectly written as "j". At this time, I really want to cut off the neck of the programmer who wrote this loop, but that was the last thing. Now I have no time to think about it. I conducted a regression test. Fortunately, this time I passed the test successfully. It seems that my luck today is not bad. At this moment, I looked up and looked out the window, the East has seen the "fish belly", it is a sleep night, I rubbed my red eyes to the bathroom to wash your face, and found that I seem to have a bit of spirit, at this moment, I suddenly felt a little hungry, and I was too concentrated to feel hungry. It was too early to sell breakfast outside, so I only opened the storage box, took a pack of "instant noodles", and soaked it in boiling water. Then I suddenly realized that, in this case, the lack of VC is unhealthy, so I took out another raw tomato and said, "Is this healthy! Good breakfast! At this moment, my eyes could not open, and I burst into bed on my desk. In my dream, it seemed that I dreamed of the fragrance of roses, intoxicating music, and passionate eyes, of course, I also dreamed of the considerate Blue Mountains coffee ......
The above scenario reflects the current situation of programmers fighting in the programming field from one aspect.
We have to deal with the pressure from various aspects: rising prices, high property prices, low income levels, tight project schedules, changing customer needs, and fast technological upgrading, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of technological upgrading, the crisis of the age of 30, etc ......
Based on the above reasons, countless programmers have embarked on the road to entrepreneurship with their dreams, just as Liu Huan sang: on that day, I had to go on the road to be restless, for the survival of self-esteem ...... however, is this path really a shortcut for programmers to succeed? The answer is not necessarily. According to statistics from authoritative organizations, more than 99% of newly established IT companies closed down within two years. There are many reasons for this: of course, there must be some reasons, such as poor management and inaccurate grasp of market needs, of course, it is undeniable that the external environment also plays a key role in this process. For example, the customer's lack of recognition of the information system and vicious competition in the industry, A large company leads the industry and has a high turnover rate for programmers. It can be seen that programmers are faced with one difficulty or another, and like other industries, there is no shortcut to success in this industry, you must rely on your continuous efforts and a good environment to succeed in your career. Of course, sometimes you still need some luck.
The reason why I wrote the above text is not to turn around, nor to warn others not to join the industry, but to objectively talk about the problems we encountered, in fact, practitioners in various industries also have their own problems, which are quite normal. Especially in China, this industry is still immature and has such problems. However, this industry is still very young and has a long history, unlike construction, energy, and other industries. In the Chinese sense, the emergence of this industry in the past 10 years is still quite normal. In fact, with the gradual maturity of this industry, all these problems will be solved. As you can see, the maturity of this industry is much higher than that of 10 years ago. This is progress and there will be more progress in the future.
So what contribution can our programmers make to this industry? In fact, we have been contributing to this industry. What we do every day is to contribute to the development of this industry. We have been striving to improve the efficiency of other industries, enrich people's entertainment lives, and strive to make the world a better place. This is our contribution to the world, this is the pride of all our programmers. It is precisely because of this sense of pride that we have been striving for, even in the face of one or more pressures and setbacks.
This is what we are today. Today we have been working hard ......
What will tomorrow look like?
Many people once asked the following question: How do programmers write programs in the future? The answer is "don't know". In fact, no one knows this question. Only in the future will people know the answer to this question, this is just like an ancient man could not have imagined that we live like this today! Here, we use a famous saying from Mr. winberger: the short-term future is similar to the present, and no one can predict the long-term future.
Although no one can predict the future, one thing is certain. The history of mankind is moving forward. Our industry is also part of the history of mankind. Therefore, our tomorrow will be even better.
This is tomorrow, and the highlights will continue ......

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog articles. I hope you will not waste your time. This is my first blog article, and it may be a bit difficult to write, I hope your colleagues will forgive me and thank you again for your support.
My blog will follow. NET technology, programming ideas, industry development trends, management ideas and other theme. If you have any comments, please leave a message below. I will accept your feedback, constantly improve my articles. This process seems to be similar to the software development process!


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