Preliminary study on TP

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The requirements for the front end are getting higher. Basically, as a front-end people need a background language, so choose the current popular PHP. Because it is self-study for me this does not know the code is still a bit difficult for people.

1. First look at the directory structure of thinkphp

1├─thinkphp.php     Framework Entry file (Note: This file cannot be executed directly until it is called in the project portal file  ) = I thought I was going to point at it. 2├─common Framework common file 3├─conf framework configuration file 4├─ext End Framework Extensions directory 5├─lang Core Language Pack directory 6├─lib core class library directory 7│  ├─behavior core Behavior Class library 8│ ├─core  core base Class library 9│ ├─driver  built-in driver 10│  │< C7/>├─cache built-in cache driver 11│  │  ├─db built-in database driver 12│  │  ├─taglib built-in tag driver 13│  │  └─template built-in template engine driver 14│< C14/>└─template built-in template engine 15└─TPL system template Directory

2. Call the thinkphp Portal file index.php

1 <?PHP2 require '/thinkphp framework directory/thinkphp.php ';  Previously mentioned call entry file

3. Run index.php under the folder app. The file directory is automatically generated because thinkphp.php is called.

1├─index.php     Project portal File 2├─common project Common Files directory 3├─conf project configuration directory 4├─lang Project language directory 5├─lib Project class library directory 6│  ├─action Action class library catalog 7 │  ├─behavior Behavior Class library catalog 8│  ├─model Model Class library catalog 9│  └─widget Widget Class library catalog 10├─runtime Project Runtime catalog 11│  ├─cache Template Cache directory 12│< C6/>├─data Data Cache directory 13│  ├─logs log file directory 14│  └─temp temporary cache directory 15└─TPL project template directory

4. The entry file is moved to the outside of the app directory. Modify the code as follows.

1 <?php2 define (' app_name ', ' APP ');  Define Project name 3 define (' App_path ', './app/');//project directory 4 require '/thinkphp framework directory/thinkphp.php ';

This is the most basic knowledge of getting started. A day to learn a bit will always have an effect!

Preliminary study on TP

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