Preliminary understanding of ECMASCRIPT6

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JavaScript consists of 3 parts: Dom,bom and ECMAScript!
Core (ECMASCRIPT): defined by ECMA-262, providing core language functions, ECMAScript is an international standard language, all browser developers have to follow the standards it developed to develop the browser. The developer, too, programmed the code according to its rules.
role : syntax – parsing rules, keywords, statements, declarations, actions, etc.
Type: – Boolean, numeric, String, object, etc. prototypes and inheritance
Built-in objects and functions are standard library –json, number (Math) array methods, object introspection methods, and so on.

History of ECMAScript:

ES6 is ECMAScript 6 abbreviation, as the name implies, it is the 6th version of the ECMAScript, that is, it has an earlier version, there will be more versions later.
In November 1996, Netscape company decided to submit JavaScript to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ECMA. The following year, ECMA released ECMAScript. This edition is ECMAScript version 1.0.
June 1998, ECMAScript 2.0 release.
In December 1999, the ECMAScript3.0 version was released as a standard for JavaScript and was widely supported.
The draft version of ECMAScript4.0 was released in October 2007.
In December 2009, the ECMAScript5.0 edition was officially released.
In June 2015, ECMAScript 6 was formally adopted as an international standard.

The introduction of the above ECMASCRITPT, we recognize that, to learn JavaScript, you must learn ecmascritpt, and is the latest version ecmascritpt 6.

Preliminary understanding of ECMASCRIPT6

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