Preliminary understanding of thinkphp

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The meaning of the framework
Reduce repetitive labor
Facilitates team collaboration
Enhanced security
Work / interview is required

Why Study thinkphp
Domestic companies use a lot of
The framework is basically an MVC architecture that learns a

I. Deployment of the framework

1.1 Download TP official website

1.2 Introduction

A: unzip file
B:  get thinkphp directory ( As long as this can )
C:thinkphp can be placed in any directory ( not necessarily www "
D:  Build the project shop, CMS, Blog etc
E:  project directory , create index.php

index.php content is as follows

// define the application directory define('app_path','./'); // Introducing the thinkphp entry file ' .. /thinkphp/thinkphp.php';

1.3 Build Project

   After the configuration of the 1.2 is completed ,
automatically generate projects when you run index.php at addresses
See the following interface , the configuration is successful

Welcome to use thinkphp!


  after success , The following directories are automatically generated

Common// Library , classes and so on can be here
Home//controll Model View It's all here.
Runtime// run-time generated files

1.4 Creating a Module

  what is a module : 1 a website , Common front Desk , admin Backstage , Both functions , CSS, pictures, etc. , It's a big difference. .

Development Time , for clarity , can be divided into 2 a module to manage .

  Copy directly Home Module

and rename it to Admin


Modify Admin/controller/indexcontroller the namespace

PHP namespace Home\controller; modified to php namespace Admin\controller;


<? phpnamespace Admin\controller;  Use Think\controller; class extends Controller {    publicfunction  index () {       echo ' Admin ';    }} 

Address bar Access /index.php/admin/index/index

Represents the module creation success!

Preliminary understanding of thinkphp

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