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Assembling a computer is nothing new, many computer enthusiasts are also very like to assemble a computer, assembling a computer not only cheap, the most important thing is to be able to assemble a computer in the process can learn a lot of computer hardware knowledge, Wuhan computer network for everyone to provide a computer Configuration list has been for some time, if you do not understand the computer configuration, You can refer to our Computer Configuration list and related price estimates, now many beginners are also trying to assemble their own computers, but the assembly of computers, although not difficult, but the basic operating procedures and skills are still to grasp, or may be assembled unsuccessfully or damaged hardware.

Today, the editor mainly introduces the general steps and installation process of assembling computers, first of all, the assembly of computer processes: Preparation Tools--Hardware installation--System installation---software installation.

To assemble a complete multimedia computer, should first prepare the computer components of the hardware and installation tools, computer hardware selected configuration scheme, and then purchase the corresponding hardware, you can refer to our excellent computer hardware combination of Computer Configuration single solution, and then purchase hardware: Mainly include: Processor ( CPU), motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card, optical drive, monitor, network equipment, chassis, power supply, mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. tools are mainly fixed computer hardware, usually using a Phillips screwdriver (divided into coarse teeth and fine teeth), the most basic tool is usually a head with a magnetic cross screwdriver, It is best to have tweezers and nose pliers and so on. After the hardware is ready, the next step is to install the hardware.

The main issues to be noted for hardware installation are:

Prevent static electricity. Static electricity is very easy to damage the integrated circuit, so before installing, it is best to touch the grounding conductor or hand-washing to release the potential to carry the static, conditional electrostatic ring can be effectively avoided electrostatic problems.

Prevent this liquid from going inside the computer. Because the liquid especially sweat drops in the motherboard board card, may cause short-circuit, damage the hardware, so be sure to install in the ventilated place, before installation to wash hands and so on.

Installation hardware should be carefully installed, must not be rough to install. In the installation process has not understand the place must look at the hardware manual, improper force may be the hardware pin damage, or deformation, especially the processor and some terminals, must be properly installed, installation is not in place or easily wrench deformation, contact bad, damage and so on.

Take all the parts out of the box, do not worry from the electrostatic bag, first check the use of each part of the instructions and the driver is complete, and carefully read the hardware installation instructions.

Motherboard installed in the chassis before the CPU and memory, in addition to the AGP and PCI card, to determine whether the installation is in place, because the screws, some cards will be crossed up, resulting in poor contact or even damage.

Computer hardware installation process must pay attention to light, because it is the most taboo hard drive vibration.

After the installation of basic hardware to test, it is recommended to start only the necessary hardware, such as CPU, motherboard, memory, cooling system, power supply, graphics, etc., other hardware can be normal after testing and then connected.

Next to introduce the computer hardware installation steps

Set up the motherboard jumper, the current general motherboard are automatic jumper, do not need to deal with, install CPU, fan and memory bar;

Load the motherboard into the chassis and fix it;

Install the power supply and plug the power supply into the motherboard;

Connect the chassis on each switch, LED and other plug line;

Insert keyboard and mouse;

Install the video card (if you are using an integrated video card, without this operation), connect the monitor signal line and power cord;

Install hard drive and optical drive, section into power cord and data cable;

Install the sound card, network card, in general, these are all integrated in the motherboard, you can operate without words.

Install printers and other peripheral devices.

The last step: power check, if the computer normal post, monitor normal display, then the assembly of the computer is successful, if not successful, please carefully check the problem, solve it.

The above is the whole process of assembling the computer introduction, as well as the assembly of computers should pay attention to some problems.

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