Preparation for three months, successfully passed PMP

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I am a member of it from Ningxia Yinchuan, engaged in IT industry 10, engaged in IT management 6 years, has not taken the PMP exam, one is no time, two is no confidence, this year in the online and 51CTO teacher chatted for a long time, Wang teacher class magic voice, and 51CTO School's reputation, Let me decide to take the PMP test on September 8, 2018, from June 5 to the official entrance to September 8 for the full 3 months, the following I mainly share the three-month review time arrangement.
According to the teacher's suggestion, Pmbok must see, Dr. Wang must see, of course, the video to see, my arrangement is mainly:
The first month, I first watch the video, synchronized to see Dr. Wang, because directly to see Pmbok a bit difficult to digest, first look at Dr Wang plus video teacher Wang's vivid explanation, can understand the hundred points 60 to 70. The first time is the foundation, so the foundation must be practical.
The second month, watching video (can speed up, to 1.5 times times, twice times the speed), synchronized to see Pmbok, with the first month of the foundation, now see Pmbok a little difficulty is not, easy to understand. The second time is based on the first review consolidation, so focus on the input and output of the process and tools.
The third month, brush the topic link, at the same time again to see the video, synchronized look at Dr. Wang, brush problems encountered in the process will not, special topics to see a chapter, deepen understanding. Brush the question, as far as possible to arrange the time according to the test time to complete the topic, the second problem to check the wrong, this time must be diligent in the book, for some of the input and output tool topics easy to remember or confused, plus a specific topic is easy to remember the process of input and output and tools, so be sure to turn the book. The other is the exercise must be a few times more brush. It is worth mentioning that 51CTO wrong notebooks, is very very good tool, so in the third month after half a month, can pass the wrong notebooks to review, consolidate knowledge. During the review, as long as they set up a good information, plus the teacher's courseware and exercises to answer questions, detailed no one can.
Finally, a full confidence to take the exam, will be able to pass smoothly.

Preparation for three months, successfully passed PMP

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